Friday, 29 November 2013

DECOR: Christmas creeping around the corner

As some of you might know, I am a gigantic sucker for Christmas. I guess it's a British thing that I've adopted. 'Cause when I do Christmas, I do it guuud! I've replaced my pumpkins with pinecones and my fall candle with an amazing Christmassy scent.

But what I'm most excited about is this candle set I put together myself *proud look on my face*. The three candles in different sizes, I bought at an Albert Heijn, as well as the tin plate underneath. I know, why buy decorative stuff in a supermarket...? Because it's cheap, that's why! Plus I really loved the color and texture of the candles.

I bought the pinecones from a store called Wibra, which is that kind of store you're embarrassed to go into because it only sells junk. Well, I searched my butt off for decorative pinecones and was so happy to find them!

I found the cute little bells in a Casa, which is a homegoods store.

As mentioned before, I replaced my pumpkins with more pinecones and switched up my fall candle with a nice spicy scent by Yankee Candle called Spiced Orange. I find the smell to be very addictive!

Last but not least: bed decorations! I went Primark shopping a few weeks ago and simply fell in love with this cushion. I've been totally into Scandinavian interiors lately, where textured pillows and blankets are key! I also added this pleated blanket, which doesn't really fit the Scandinavian atmosphere but reminds me of my Christmas in England last year.

Then I added some Christmas lights on my bedframe to fit in with the holiday theme and voilĂ , done!

Are you into Christmas decorations? Do you love decorating your room?


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