Saturday, 9 June 2012

Drugstore haul & review + cotton pad storage

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share some drugstore products with you that I picked up a while ago.


First: I wanted a new night cream since my skin tends to be really oily in the morning. I chose Oil of Olaz as a brand because I used to use the Oil of Olaz moisturizer and it worked really good. Recently I had found an extremely oil-free day cream/moisturizer (MAC - check my mac haul post!) so how impossible could it be to find a good oil-free night cream? Quite impossible, as it turns out. The first night I simply applied it and covered my face with the product. When I woke up about six hours later, my face was so incredibly oily and it stayed that way during the entire day. It was awful. The night after I applied it extremely thinly on my face. My skin was just as awfully oily as the night before, so I just decided this product did not work for me. I gave it away to my cousin (which she totally did not mind of course) and she loves it, so I'm happy she still gets some use out of it. 

Secondly: I bought these face strips, simply because it looked fun and I had used face strips before that worked miracles but that was ages ago and I totally do not remember what brand it was. Let me warn you, these don't do anything for your skin. I followed the instructions carefully and when I took them off, it had nothing on the sticky side. Usually, a big mess comes off and you know that the strips have helped. But they didn't stick, they didn't change anything at all so unfortunately they were kind of a waste of money. 

Thirdly: The labello fruity shine lipbalm. I love this! This is already the third one I bought because they make my lips so soft, so beautiful and they give off a nice berry-like color. It is my all-time favorite lipbalm.

Fourthly: I don't think these are of any particular brand. I bought them 70% off (I know right!) and they're bubble bath products in the shape of cupcakes. I'm going to give these for my friend's birthday as well (check last post). 

And lastly: how I storage my cotton pads. I have a pack of cotton pads in the bathroom, but since I take off my make-up in my room (because I'm too lazy to walk to the bathroom when it's already that late again) I have this little box of cotton pads in my nightstand. As you may notice, it's an old Ben & Jerry ice cream box. I think it's cute! Of course I washed it out very neatly after eating all of the ice cream. 

That was it for today, I hope you enjoyed reading this!


I went  to Lush! Finally! I've heard people rave about this store for so long and finally decided to try out some products. Now, don't get all worked up yet people, I bought most of this stuff for a friend's birthday that is coming up.

When you enter a Lush store for the first time like I did, I can imagine that you get addicted to the amazing smell. "I can't believe I ever lived without this stuff." was my first thought. Okay, that might be a little exaggerated, but it is amazing though. It's perfect if you just want to take a half hour or hour out of your oh-so busy life and just pamper yourself. 

The first product I bought was the Whoosh shower jelly. It might sound funny or icky to some people, but it's basically just hand soap. Only, it's a jelly and not a bar of soap. Come on, how awesome is that? I hope my friend will like it.

The second thing I bought was the Sugar Scrub. The saleswoman said it was very popular since it is famous for decreasing cellulite. Now I'm not so naive to think it would actually work. I just thought a bum and leg scrub sounded fun. It's never bad to have soft skin there, right? I've only used it twice, so I don't know if it's actually working but the skin feels really soft days after using it. 
I bought this Karma bubble bar because I wanted something to moisturize my skin while I bathe, because I tend to bathe a lot. (I love bathing a lot because it's the only personal relaxing moment I have, I usually read a book while I bathe. Now during the exams, I bathe even more because I study the best while I'm in the bathtub. I know, that's weird.) Bathing too much tends to dry out the skin, so that's why I bought this in the scent Orange. It smells sooooo good. You're supposed to break a piece off and crumble it underneath the running water. 
And lastly, I bought the stepping stone foot scrub for my friend. She tends to walk around barefoot in summer, even when she's walking on the streets. Not if it's like a high street or something of course. It's supposed to soften the skin of your feet. I'm curious to hear from my friend if it works.

I hope you enjoyed my small haul/mini-review!
See ya! xX

New: Springfield cosmetics

The all-known brand Springfield has decided to expand to the cosmetics market with a brand new make-upline! Springfield is known as an affordable, down to earth brand with fun, young and colorful clothing. The new make-up line blends well into that Springfield profile, which seems a good thing to me. What immediately drew me to the Springfield cosmetic collection, is the packaging.

Yeah. These yummie desserts are àctually lipgloss or lipbalm jars. How cute is that? I'm thinking about getting the ice cream sundae lip balms just because of the packaging!

The Springfield cosmetic collection is allround affordable, you pay around seven euros for the lip glosses and the lipsticks and about five euros for the lip balms.

The colors are very cute and ideal for summer. They should really pop when you apply them.

I'm so excited about the cute packaging and since the price is comparable to drugstore make-up, I think I'm gonna try a product of this new make-up line. Usually I don't just go ahead and buy make-up without reading and watching loads of reviews about them, but I can't resist the packaging!
If you can't resist these fun colors either, go ahead and check out the Springfield website!

Kisses, xX

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Scoop: Marc Jacobs is coming to town

A véry reliable source recently informed me that the Marc Jacobs store is finally coming to Belgium's fashion city, Antwerp! Marc Jacobs stores are quite rare, especially in Europe, where there are only 12 stores, though Europe contains the most (traditional) fashion cities in the world. According to the Marc Jacobs website, Japan has 78 Marc Jacobs stores. For some reason the Japanese really seem to like the brand!

Last year, Steve Madden and Jimmy Choo entered the Antwerp fashion scene, so let's hope many international designers will follow in their footsteps!

High five!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

It's MAC time!

MAC is one of these stores where you could live in. Where you can stay forever, without worrying what's going on in the outside world. Unfortunately you have to leave sometime, usually with that weird feeling of "Damn. I did spend quite a lot of money. *check wallet* Okay, way too much money." You just get swapped away so easily with that feeling that you really NEED that eyeshadow, or you really need that lipstick. So without further ado, I will show you my guilty pleasures I purchased last week, and I am loving them!

1. The MAC Oil Control Lotion:
I've got a very oily skin and I hate it. I have to reapply my make-up all the time and because my skin has turned all shiny, it usually looks really cakey. I saw some reviews of this product on youtube and decided to try it. From the first time you apply this product, you notice that it starts working. I use it as a moisturizer/daycream and especially apply it on the T-zone (usually the most oily zone on the face). My skin has been dryer since I started using it. Due to the exams I haven't been using it regularly, so I'll have to check if it works even better when I use it daily. All in all, LOVING and recommending this.

2. The MAC All that glitters! eyeshadow
3. The MAC 15x empty palette
My first MAC eyeshadow ever. I bought a 15x empty palette so that I can save up for the different eyeshadows. I decided to get All That Glitters! since everybody (like literally everybody) on Youtube recommended it as a first MAC eyeshadow. At the beginning I was a bit disappointed, because the color is exactly the same as my skin tone so basically, all I see when I apply it, are small glitters. But after applying other colors as crease and highlight color, it really pops and is nice, glamorous, yet subtle enough to wear daily. I usually apply it with Oh My Darling as a highlight color and Sorcery as a crease color (both from the MAC Devil May Dare mini-palette, that I'm reviewing some other time). What especially blew my mind, was that there wasn't any excess powder. I'm used to tapping it off and usually loads of product fall off. With MAC, that doesn't seem to be the case and I'm very happy with that. The colors of the eyeshadow stay on long, but I should get a primer or paint pot to apply before the eyeshadow, because it tends to blend a lot during the day. When I get home from school in the evenings, all has blended away and I am only able to see one color anymore. But remember: I have hooded eyes so that might totally be not the case when you use the product.

3. The MAC Studio Fix Powder in C4
I've been using this product for years as my everyday foundation/powder. Because that's basically what it is, a powder that seems to melt in a foundation when you apply it softly on your face. I apply it with the MAC 134 brush. This kind of foundation works good on oily skin in comparison with liquid foundation, which tends to get very cakey on oily skin. I wouldn't know what to do without this product, I bring it everywhere with me! 

So, this was my MAC haul + review, I hope you liked it! I will be reviewing the MAC Devil May Dare mini-palette in the future and I'm going to the MAC store this week (again! Hey don't judge me, I hàve to go to buy a gift card for my mom's birthday!). I'll probably get a primer or a paint pot, don't quite know yet. I'll keep you guys posted!

Greets and kisses,

Saturday, 2 June 2012

THE BODY SHOP sneak peak

Hey guys! 

A while back my wonderful cousin gave me some 'The Body Shop' products! I haven't been using them a lot yet (except the body butter), but I'm going to from now on and I'll do a review about it in the future. 

But, to keep you interested, I will already do a mini-review about the body butter. I've used it often to soften skin areas, especially my feet. Is that weird? I have really oily skin and so I need to be careful about applying certain products or I look like I just ran twenty blocks... But my legs and especially feet (since I have a lot of feet and joint problems and aches) really feel better after massaging them a bit with the body butter. Of course since I apply it to the soles of my feet sometimes as well, to moisturize the spots that are painful or uneven, I can't walk around my house for a while. The floor would be covered in body butter footprints. 

So basically, I like this product, but only use it usually when I have the time to let it dry so it doesn't feel sticky. It smells really good as well, a bit like vanilla. 

I hope I got you excited for a decent Body Shop review! 
Byebye xX

Hong Kong deliveries

Hey guys!

Yesterday the two package I ordered from Hong Kong arrived! I had some problems with getting one of them, because the mailman delivered it to the wrong store. That was sort of annoying, but in the end so worth getting painful feet on heels that are too high for me!

I actually ordered a Totoro penholder (which I use as a make-upbrush holder) and four Bubbi brushes. You know, from Bubzbeauty on youtube? Be sure to check her videos out, she's so adorable! I learned from her that it's okay to behave cute when you're not really tall. I'm really small and I've always felt I needed to act tough to make up for my shortness. I hated to be called 'cute' and 'sweet'. But thanks to her, I realize that it's totally not bad to be small ànd cute!

Anyways, I ordered her brushes a while ago, since I don't have any decent eyeshadow brushes. And because they're not too expensive, are supposed to be of good quality and let's be honest: quite the collection item, I ordered them. To be clear: I didn't order the entire basic set. I felt like it was better for my wallet to only order the brushes I really needed.

I decided to buy the multi retractable brush, the dual eyes brush, the angled liner brush and the fluff brush. Those were the essential brushes I needed. I was surprised by how easy it was to order them. I got around five mails to keep me up to date about the order. It arrived about two weeks after I placed the order. Very neatly done. Good job Bubz!

Or should I say good job Tim, Bubz boyfriend, because he seems to be handling the orders. The funny (and kinda freakish) thing is that the sender address is on the package and I decided to keep the package. That way, when I'm ever in Hong Kong, I can secretly see what Bubbi's house looks like! And maybe wait 'til she comes out? Is that too stalkerish?

I was surprised by the quality of the brushes, especially when you keep the low price in mind. They're amazingly soft and apply product very well. I am advising users of the brushers to be careful when you load up your brush. Because the brushes take up a lot of product. You might end up with extremely clownish cheeks if you aren't careful. But I definitely recommend them! I love the packaging, the feeling of the brushes and the application.

I love the Totoro penholder as well, it's so soft and cute. And it fits perfectly in my room. I should stop buying plushies though. I'm almost 20, I guess I'm not supposed to be still buying them.

Click this link to see the video about Bubzbeauty's make-up brushes!

Bye guys!