Tuesday, 8 July 2014

HAIR: Obsessed with strawberry and pink blonde

Ladies and gentlemen, my hair is a mess. Although it is in a very healthy state right now and it's easy to handle, the color just isn't right. I've been experimenting with color for about two years, but tend to always go back to my safe zone, which are blonde mèches on top of my natural dark blonde hair color.

But my wild soul (okay, not that wild) has been craving something different and something more unique. I've been thinking about strawberry blonde and pink blonde haircuts. I want it. I nééd it. Here's some hair inspiration to get where I'm coming from. What do you think, would I look good with these kinds of hair colors? 

FYI: my hair gets easily damaged, because it's very fine and thin (extremely so due to medical reasons) so I have to be careful when coloring my hair. What would you recommend?

xX Anine


  1. Ik vind dat je ervoor moet gaan! Die haarkleur van Ellie Goulding vind ik het mooist :-).

  2. Dat is echt prachtig he, ik denk er ook aan om zoiets te doen met mijn haar, nu nog durven!

  3. Echt mooi he! En leuk! Zelf zou ik er niet mee wegkomen, maar moest ik van jou zijn, gewoon voor gaan! ^^

    x Aurélie

  4. ooh mooi, gaat je volgens mij echt heel mooi staan!

  5. Ik vind het zo mooi! Maar zou het zelf nooit durven hihi x