Monday, 31 March 2014

REVIEW: RItuals Touch of Heaven body cream

Really, I'm not a body butter kind of gal. Taking hours to make it sink into your skin, not being able to wear decent pants for an hour because your legs are still too sticky? No thanks. However, the Rituals Touch of Heaven body cream changed the entire body cream game for me.

What's the difference with your average body butter? Although the packaging suggests a rich body cream, this is incredibly light and sinks into the skin in under three minutes. Oh, and it smells heavenly too, did I mention that? Sweet orange & cedar, you simply can't go wrong with that. Good job, Rituals. *enthusiastic clapping*

Price: Around the 10 euro mark. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find it on the Rituals website. I'm starting to freak out, maybe they discontinued it? Noooooooooo.

Conclusion: This is the first body moisturizing product that I like. That must be a breakthrough, right?!

What's your favorite body cream?

xX Anine

Saturday, 29 March 2014

TAG: Been there, done that!

Today I'm doing the 'Been there, done that' tag! I saw Chit Chat do it on her blog and loved it so much, that I decided to do it as well. The idea is to take this list (see below) and take a look at how many out of 100 you've already done. Let's get into it!

01. Starting your own blog
02. Sleeping under the stars
03. Playing in a band
04. Going to Hawaï
05. Seeing the tower of Pisa


06. Spending more money than you can afford to a good cause
07. Going to Disneyland


08. Climbing a mountain
09. Holding a mantis
10. Singing a solo
11. Going bungeejumping
12. Visiting Paris

13. Looking at a thunderstorm
14. Taught yourself something from scratch
15. Adopting a child
16. Having food poisoning
17. Standing at the statue of liberty


18. Growing your own vegetables
19. Seeing the Mona Lisa at the Louvre
20. Sleeping on a nighttrain
21. Having a pillow fight
22. Hitchhiking
23. Calling in sick even though you weren't sick
24. Building a snowman
25. Holding a lamb
26. Going skinny dipping
27. Running a marathon
28. Sitting in a gondola in Venice
29. Seeing a total eclipse
30. Seeing a sunrise or a sunset
31. Hitting a homerun
32. Seeing Niagara Falls in real life
33. Going on a cruise
34. Going to the birthplace of your ancestors
35. Seeing an Amish community
36. Learning yourself a new language
37. Having enough money to be totally satisfied
38. Seeing a meteorite shower
39. Going skydiving
40. Seeing Michelangelo's David
41. Singing karaoke

42. Seeing a geiser erupt
43. Paying for a stranger's meal in a restaurant
44. Visiting Africa
45. Walking on the beach in the moonlight
46. Being transported by ambulance
47. Having a portrait painted of yourself
48. Going deepseadiving
49. Seeing the Sistine Chapel in real life
50. Going to the top of the Eiffel Tower
51. Going diving or snorkeling
52. Kissing in the rain
53. Playing in the mud
54. Going to a drive-in cinema
55. Playing in a movie
56. Visiting the Great Wall of China
57. Starting your own company
58. Learning a martial art
59. Visiting Russia
60. Serving food to homeless people
61. Being in a youth movement/scouts
62. Going whale watching
63. Receiving flowers without a reason
64. Donating blood
65. Going rock climbing
66. Visiting a concentration camp
67. Not being able to pay at the cash register 
68. Being in a helicopter 
69. Saving your favorite childhood toy
70. Visiting the Lincoln Memorial
71. Eating caviar
72. Making a quilt
73. Being at Times Square
74. Traveling through the Everglades
75. Being fired at work
76. Seing the change of the guards in London
77. Going snowboarding
78. Being a passenger on a motorcycle
79. Seeing the Grand Canyon in real life


80. Publishing a book
81. Visiting Vatican City
82. Buying a brand new car
83. Going to Jerusalem
84. Having your photo in a newspaper or magazine
85. Kissing a stranger at midnight
86. Going to London

2008 - 2011 - 2013 (Yes, I love London a lot)

87. Killing an animal to eat it
88. Having the chicken pox
89. Saving someones life
90. Being in a jury
91. Meeting a famous person
92. Being a member of a book club
93. Getting a tattoo
94. Having a baby
95. Having a piercing
96. Swimming in the Great Salt Lake in Utah
97. Being in a court case
98. Having a cell phone
99. Being stung by a bee or wasp
100. Visiting the White House

That's 38 out of 100, at the age of 21, not bad! Now you know what I've done in life so far. Hopefully a lot more stuff on this list will be checked off in the future! 

xX Anine

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

News: Webshop Lady Loulou

As many of you know, a while back I did the make up for a photoshoot for a webshop. In the meantime, the webshop is officially up and running and the end result looks amazing.

Lady Loulou, as the webshop is called, sells eye catching clothing pieces, elegant dresses and beautiful bags and shoes for a very affordable price. Keep on reading to see my favorite pieces of the collection!

I love this maxi dress! It will look stunning in summer with a pair of cute sandals and a straw hat!

This skirt pictures Times Square, and as a New York girl, I'm all for that!

Aren't these the cutest? They also come in black!

I've been looking for the perfect white skirt for forever now and this baby might be it.

This sweater is a bit more simple, but that's what I like about it. A very nice basic.

This dress makes me crave summer! The color is gorgeous.

And this beautiful bag *sigh*, it reminds me of the Céline bag, but with a twist.

I wanted to share the link with you, if you'd like to take a look:

The good news: they ship internationally!
Lady Loulou often does giveaways and promotions, so definitely like them on Facebook to stay tuned!

What do you think of the Lady Loulou collection?

xX Anine

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

MASCARA REVIEW: Maybelline Smokey eyes

So here's another mascara review! I tried out another one from Maybelline, this time the Colossal Volume Express Smoky eyes. 

Let's take a look at the wand first. It looks quite normal, and as if it would be perfect to build up lots of volume with. This could be ideal to finish up a smoky eye look.

Use: This mascara certainly gives volume and holds a curl, but it clumps together like nobodies business. I wouldn't recommend using more than two layers of this mascara because it just ends up being one big clumped together mess. It doesn't separate or lengthen at all. This also means it does pretty much nothing for my lashes. 

As for the smokey eye effect, it does create thick lashes, but if it just clumps it won't really compliment your look. I recommend using an other product if you'd like a mascara to compliment your smoky eye look.

Price: Around €15.

Conclusion: I'm not repurchasing. Let me know if this mascara does work for you?

What's your favorite mascara of the moment?

Xx Anine 

Sunday, 16 March 2014

JEWELRY: Ikki rosegold watch

I had been looking for a rosegold watch for years now, but just didn't find one that met my expectations, being:
- a watch that is not a threat to walk around in due to the unbelievably high pricepoint
- a watch with a rosegold dial
- a watch with roman numbers
- a watch which had an 'oversized' look to it
- a watch that wasn't bejewelled like a unicorn
- a watch with some smaller dials on the main dial

I looked around for this Perfect Watch, but never found the one true watch to rule them all. I looked into Michael Kors watches for some time, but decided I just couldn't deal with the idea of having that kind of pricetag around my wrist. 

The watch I ended up finding, was one by IKKI. The only expectation it didn't meet, was the one concerning multiple small dials on the main dial. This IKKI watch probably came closest to what I wanted. Pricepoint? Around the 80 euro mark. I find it totally worth it.

Have you found that perfect watch already? Which brands do you recommend? 

xx Anine

Monday, 10 March 2014

REVIEW: Rituals Yin bed and body spray

One of the things I've wanted for a very long time, has been a bed spray. This Rituals Yin bed and body spray is perfect for spraying clean towels, bed linen, or simply yourself before you go to bed. I got this product as a gift a few months ago and use it weekly, and love it. 

On the packaging, the scent is described as organic white lotus and Yi Yi Ren. Since that doesn't really tell us anything, I can only say it smells very calming and it reminds me of the smell of clean linen, only this is a bit heavier. I do notice its relaxing effect but the scent doesn't bother me at all at night.

Claims: The product claims to improve calm sleeping behavior and meditation. It shouldn't stain and should be safe for your textile. It doesn't contain any alcohol.

Ingredients: See below.

Price: You get 50ml of product for €16.50, which I think is very affordable for such a nice product.

Conclusion: Obviously this product is not a must-have, but it's just that extra luxury item that can make your night even more relaxing.

Have you tried any body sprays before?

xX Anine

Saturday, 8 March 2014

REVIEW: Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge

I've never been a sponge lover to apply my makeup, so I was kind of skeptical when I picked up the Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge on my trip to London. A product that claims to be a 'miracle sponge' already makes me roll my eyes and shrug, 'cause seriously, what so called 'miracle' product ever is a miracle product? 

I'd never tried the Beautyblender either, so I won't be able to compare.

The Real Techniques sponge isn't just the typical egg-shaped sponge all companies have been trying to copy from BeautyBlender, it has a flat edge to contour around the eyes and nose, the sides should be perfect so blend large areas on the face and the pointy tip should be used (with concealer) to cover imperfections.

Use: First of all, when using the sponge, I wet it thoroughly under running water, squeeze it tight and the sponge will double up in size and become less dense. I usually dry it with a towel, so it's not soaking wet. After the sponge is damp, I dab it in the foundation on the back of my hand and apply it all over my face with the flat side. After all my foundation is applied, I go over every corner on my face to blend it out nicely. Then I use the pointy tip of the miracle complexion sponge to blend out my already applied concealer and the foundation around my nose

I know it is recommended to use the sponge differently (as seen on the packaging), but this way simply works best for me personally.

Quality: The miracle complexion sponge applies your foundation evenly over the face. I've heard other bloggers talk about a 'flawless finish', but I wouldn't call it that. It is applied more even, more beautiful, more natural than with a brush. However I don't feel like there's a difference in coverage when applying it with a sponge instead of a normal flat top foundation brush.

Above: the sponge is dry
Underneath: the sponge is damp

Price: $6 on the Real Techniques website, I believe I paid around £6 for it in Boots. I find it such a bargain, especially in comparison with the BeautyBlender which is around €20. 

Conclusion: It really took me some time to get used to it. In the beginning, I didn't really like it. It seemed my brushes simply gave better coverage and control. Then I used it more, and liked it, but thought it took me longer to blend everything in comparison to brush application. 

After using it for several weeks, I now use it every. single. day to apply my foundation. I love the seamless application it provides, I love the easiness and naturalness (is that word?) of it too. 

Can't live without this sponge anymore! I'm happy to finally have jumped on the sponge bandwagon!

Have you ever tried any foundation sponges?

Xx Anine

Thursday, 6 March 2014

REVIEW: MAC Fling Eye Brow pencil

Okay, this is the last review of my MAC Technique goodies, I swear! But don't worry, I saved the best for last! 

This MAC Eye Brows brow pencil in Fling has changed my entire make up routine. I've always had problems with my brows, usually finding the perfect shade and a tip that was fine enough was the biggest challenge. This product solves all brow issues for me. 

It fits my brows in color, stays put perfectly all day and you can easily create a heavy, stand-out brow or a subtle brow look.

Use & Packaging: I love the twist-up tip and it's quite foolproof, even for a brow noobie like me. I apply it if I want to go for a quite defined, full face of makeup kind of day. I only opt for another, lighter brow pencil if I go for an extremely simple, natural make up look.

Above: 'Nude' brows
Below: Brow pencil applied

Price: €16 for 0.09grams/0.003oz of product. That sounds like a ridiculously small amount of product, but I'm just so in love with it, that I'm willing to spend €16 on a brow pencil!

Conclusion: I don't think I'll ever find a better brow pencil than this. It is pretty much gaining Holy Grail status.

Which brow product do you use daily?

Xx Anine

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

NEWS: Superdry make up line

We all know Superdry from the comfortable sweat shirts and sporty clothing, but Superdry also has a beauty line, which they just expanded with some beautiful make up! 

As I saw the neon and metallic detailing, I couldn't help but think how simply FUN it looked. It reminds me of summer, beach waves and surf boards!

The thing that probably got me most excited, are these adorable nail polishes. They are perfect for spring and summer.

The beauty line also contains lip glazes that come in neutral and pink shades. 
For a statement lip look, these lipsticks would be perfect. They're supposed to be very smooth and light weight too!

This mascara wand has left me very interested. The shape is so weird, that I'm really curious how it would make my lashes look. The brush should extend and lengthen lashes to the maximum.

To complete the beauty line, Superdry also created eye shadows, blushes and bronzers, kohl eyeliners and a smoky eyes kit! Body care was not forgotten, as they even thought about hand creams, mirrors, tweezers and a nail care kit to finish up this cool collection.

I like it, it's very unique, vibrant and cute.

The prices range from £2 to £20, so very affordable. The entire Superdry beauty line is available in stores ànd online ( for the Belgian ladies)! 

Have you ever tried anything from Superdry beauty?

xx Anine

Monday, 3 March 2014

REVIEW: MAC eyeshadow in Quarry

I'm an eyeshadow kinda gal'. Even so, a perfect nude eyeshadow look can take my breath away (okay that might be an overstatement, but you get the gist). At the MAC Technique workshop I purchased the  perfect nude eyeshadow pan in Quarry and fell in love.

Quality: No complaints whatsoever here, I find MAC eyeshadows to be perfection. The eyeshadow is véry pigmented, easily blendable, a bit more warm-toned than I expected, but still with cold undertones and so perfect to apply in the crease with a very coppery shade all over the lid. 

Price: 13 euros for 1.5grams/0.05oz of product in the pan.

Conclusion: I love this eyeshadow! It's the perfect cool-toned crease color.

What's your favorite eyeshadow color from MAC?

Xx Anine

Saturday, 1 March 2014

REVIEW: MAC Paint pot in Bare Study

Here's another review of a worldwide loved MAC product, the paint pot in Bare Study. Believe it or not, I'd never tried a MAC paint pot before (I know, I feel like such a makeup noob right now), so I was véry excited to try this out!

Bare study is a soft beige with soft gold sheen. The beige tone isn't so pigmented that it'll completely cancel out any imperfections or veins on your eyelids, but it's the perfect product if you like that pop of something on your eyes if you're doing a no-makeup makeup look.

Use: I use my ring finger to dab ever so slightly into the jar and then apply it on my eyelids. I've heard other bloggers' warnings about applying too much, since it would crease ridiculously. However, I've not had any problems with this.

Quality: The paint pot doesn't crease on me. It is a nice base to make eyeshadows pop, or to use on its own. I do notice that I could use an eye primer to apply underneath, since it does not replace an eyeshadow primer in my opinion. 

Price: €19 for 5 grams/0.17oz. 

Conclusion: I like this product and am tempted to try out more colors! However, it's not perfect on its own to keep eyeshadows in place all day long.

Which MAC paint pots are your favorites?

xX Anine