Monday, 29 April 2013

Etsy Haul

I was browsing through and found this adorable bracelet. I ordered it and really enjoyed the Etsy shipping service. It was my first time ordering through Etsy.

I love the rose gold detailing and the cute pink strap running through. I've been wearing it quite a while and sadly, it did get a bit dirty. I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to wash it, since it's not real gold (well duh) and I don't want the gold layer to disappear if I washed it.

It comes in a large variety of colors, but this and a white one were the only ones that had pictures on and so I decided to opt for the cute pink color. I love the quality as well.

Have you already ordered from


Thursday, 25 April 2013

Mascara review: Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara 'Look Feline'

Mascara is one of those underestimated must-haves. Just a little bit of mascara and POOF you're ready to go do some grocery shopping. Supporting beautiful smoky eyes? Mascara will pull together your look. The only thing you probably ALWAYS use when wearing make-up, is mascara.

There's loads of brands out there, high end and drugstore. I personally don't like spending money on mascara since there are some very excellent ones at the drugstore. Sadly, the Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara 'Look Feline' is not one of those - for me at least. 

 This mascara is nice and black, but clumps easily on my lashes and doesn't give them any volume. It does create that feline effect. But since I barely have any lashes, I want to let all my lashes pop, and not just the outside ones. I don't think there's anything wrong with the formula, but I really don't like the curvy brush. It doesn't give volume to my lashes at all.

I wouldn't repurchase this and have a hard time using it up. I've tried using it on top of other volumizing mascaras but sadly, it only makes my lashes clumpy.

Have you tried this mascara? Can you make it work for your lashes? Let me know!


Sunday, 21 April 2013

Spring fashion haul: randoms

The last part of my spring fashion haul is -finally- here. Let's jump into this!

The first item is a clothing item I've been wanting for a long time, but never found the perfect version of it that I had in mind. It's a denim blouse. This one from H&M is the perfect fit and color. I'm a little (very) late on the trend, I know.  Because I wanted to pair this denim shirt with a pop of color, I bought this bright tangerine belt from H&M.

My mom got me this skirt from H&M, which is perfect for the black and white trend this summer!


This shirt from Forever 21 is a perfect fit for me and is perfect for the color blocking trend, only it's more subtle and neutral-colored. The back has a nice little detail.

I am totally in love with my lace blazer from Primark!! I saw it and knew I wanted it. I can literally wear it with EVERYTHING! It's oversized, but that makes me love it even more since it's not too girly and too cute.

Then last but not least: there's this black faux leather clutch from H&M that has a golden chain if you want to wear it over your shoulder. I loved it immediately and it's unlike any bag/clutch I have. I usually don't go for black since it's a bit harsh on me. But since this one is small and quite delicate, it's not too overpowering.

 Hope you liked this post!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Outfit of the day: Easter brunch

This past sunday, my parents threw a brunch for the entire family on my father's side. About thirty people were to be expected and my mom had gone in her berserk mode and fixed up an incredible brunch. She had bought, prepared, baked and cooked enough food for an entire army and boy, did I eat a lot! Don't worry though, in the end she packed up everything and gave it to anyone who was interested. Since the weather was going to be nice (Belgium nice, I mean by that - 18°C/64°F) and the sun came peeping through the clouds during the afternoon, I was excited to wear something spring-y. Since I have been anxious to FINALLY wear my white lace blazer, I went with this look:

Leather top: Primark
Blazer: Primark
Pants: H&M
Necklace: H&M
Shoes: Torfs by Flair
Blue bag: vintage

One thing I immediately want to add is: Yes, I know I could look thinner in something like a girly A-line summer dress or skirt, but I love this outfit and don't care that you're able to see my curves. I've been trying to eat healthier and work out once in a while when I find the time and though I have to admit I could do a lot better, I am happy with the way I look. Though, when I find the time, I do want to lose some kilos. 

With this outfit I feel like I'm supporting the lace trend, the capri pant trend, the printed pant trend and the leather trend for this spring. I feel good in it and think it's casual and chic at the same time. 

I hope you liked this outfit!


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Marc Jacobs Make-upline?

Marc Jacobs is not only that great designer that produces amazing pieces for his own lines, but he's also the creative director at Louis Vuitton and is known for having the most impressive sixpack of the fashion industry.

I personally love his Marc by Marc Jacobs line and hope to get my hands on a piece one day... (a girl can dream, right?). But in the future it will be easier to get your hands on something created by Marc Jacobs himself.

In an interview with ELLE Magazine, he said that a make-upline will be in store in July. Jacobs worked together with beauty-walhalla Sephora to create the products. He states: "The cooperation with Sephora went great. It was a new adventure to develop colors, products and packaging. I look forward to the results. It's gonna be cool."

'Nuf said for me, I will be checking out Sephora when I'm in Paris this July!


Thursday, 4 April 2013

Spring fashion haul: Graphic prints

Another spring trend I went crazy for, were the graphic prints. You can't imagine how many pairs of graphic pants I tried on, but sadly they look like pyjama bottoms on me. Recently, my mom showed me a pair of pants she got from H&M. I liked it a lot and weeks later, when we were at H&M together, she pushed me to try on the same pair of pants. Admittedly, I tried it on, convinced that I would look like a clown. I was in utter surprise when I saw this pair of pants and fell in love. And I'm not ashamed to say that I indeed have some clothes the same as my mother! It's nothing to be ashamed of!

I love the cute, but yet modern print of this pair. Because of the cool marine blue color, the white dots don't remind people of an easter egg, which was a fear of mine. I usually fold over the end and wear my blue pumps underneath, which makes me look sophisticated but comfy. Love it. The picture doesn't do it justice.

The next item I purchased back in november, desperately wanting something that was chic and to add something to my closet with a graphic print. It's from Primark and the sides are leather strips, which I adore. It has a nice peplum bottom, which is beautiful for my fuller figure.

An other H&M-item I succumbed to, was this H&M jacket. The print has dark blue, marine blue, white and red in it. It's not meant to wear it closed, it's just supposed to BE, you know. That's what I love about it. The sidepieces in the front of the jacket have a special design and flows on my body-shape like a Valentino-dress. Need I say more.

Last but not least, I got this top from the Conscious collection from H&M. I actually wanted the dress version, but sadly, it didn't suit my body at all (Let's just say my behind looked huge). This top suited me much better and had me falling in love with the beautiful print that makes me feel like I am on an exotic holiday.

These three pieces are probably the three clothing items that I have been most obsessed with these last months!