Saturday, 31 May 2014

REVIEW: Rituals Good Luck Scrub

Since I'm not really a body care person, I haven't really review many body products on the blog yet. However, a product that is a must for me is a body scrub. I recently tried out the Rituals Good Luck scrub, which (as usually with Rituals products) smells amazingly of orange and cedar wood. 

First of all, don't mind the messed up packaging. This tub of product has been living in my shower for a while, and the packaging hasn't completely survived, as you can see.

Packaging: I really dislike the packaging. Because it's a tub of product, it's impossible to use under the shower. The shower water will run into the packaging. It doesn't seem to mess up the packaging too much, but it's very annoying. Also, even though the lid is on tightly, shower water will still find its way into the tub, since I don't have a shower caddy.

Use: The use of this product is pretty similar to that of any body scrub. I actually find this scrub too harsh for my skin, which is an issue I've never encountered before. My body skin isn't sensitive at all, but it reacts quite heavily after using this. It becomes a bit red and feels kinda sore. But yes, I guess it exfoliates very well. Beauty is pain? 

Price: €18.50 for 375g of product. This certainly isn't the cheapest body scrub out there and so I'm actually quite disappointed, especially since I usually adore Rituals products. 

Conclusion: I didn't like this product very much. The packaging is very annoying under the shower, and the scrub is too harsh for my liking.

What body scrub have you been using or would you recommend?

Xx Anine


  1. Ik hou van Rituals body scrubs, ze zijn de beste! Jammer dat jij deze niet zo goed vindt :( Ik kan mij wel voorstellen dat je de verpakking wat minder vindt :(

  2. Ik ben héél hard een bodycare-person. Leuk artikel!!

  3. ooh dat klinkt echt niet goed, wat jammer! ja ik vind zulke verpakkingen ook wel lastig onder de douche, moet je de kraan eerst dichtdraaien, dan product pakken, product dichtdraaien en dan pas de kraan weer open, zoveel werk :p

    1. Dat doet me zo lui klinken haha :p is ook wel wat het geval, maar het is vooral klungelen ;)

  4. I personally like my body scrubs very grainy and kind of harsh, so I guess the texture would be fine for me. You're right about jar packaging not being practical in the shower though.