Friday, 28 June 2013

Bourjois cream blushes

Bourjois has really been stepping up their makeup game the last years and for summer, they’ve created a beautiful collection to create natural, but statement looks! I find cream blushes one of the best ways to create a very natural makeup, by using a light, colorful blush color.

These blushes contain papaver extracts, apricot extracts and mango butter extracts for comfort, shine and softness. The blushes come in four colors: 01 Nude Velvet, 02 Healthy Glow, 03 Rose tender and 04 Sweet Cherry. I tried out the first three colors.

I have to admit that I hadn’t tried that many cream blushes before, but I can say that I really like these cream blushes. I apply them with my fingers or with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.

I really love these blushes, they are perfect for a nice, healthy looking, flushed cheek with just a tiny amount of shimmer. These blushes feel very creamy, but dry to a powder finish once applied on the skin. 

Here you can see how color 01 is applied on my skin. It doesn't show up as good as I'd like it to, but you can notice a slight wash of color and a sheen on the top of my cheekbones. THAT'S the blush!

I feel like they also stain a bit, which I find very convenient because I NEED longlasting beauty products since I’m not a 'reapply' kind of girl. A big thumbs up for this product!

These blushes are available in the Belgian drugstores since this month and retail for €10.99 for 2.5 grams or 0.088 oz.

What is your favorite cream blush product?


Monday, 24 June 2013

Marc Jacobs Makeup line: Update

Yay, finally we know a bit more about the beauty line Marc Jacobs has created with Sephora! The cosmetic line will be launched August 9 at Sephora and Marc Jacobs Stores.

Don’t expect a lot of natural makeup here, Jacobs wants to go all out with his beauty line! Several FF’s (Famous Friends, I just invented that) of Jacobs have tried the new line already. Actress and director Sofia Coppola even wore a full face of Marc Jacobs makeup to the Met Gala.

The prices for the Marc Jacobs Makeup line will range from $24 to $59, which was kind of what I expected from a brand like Marc Jacobs.

Would you try the Marc Jacobs makeup collection?



Thursday, 20 June 2013

Nail polish: Essie Fiji

What kind of beauty freak would I be if I hadn't tried the Fiji polish from Essie? I picked it up whilst being in England a few months ago. At my first try, I didn't understand what all the fuss was about. Everyone said it was a pale pink color, but I felt that it was just an off-white cream color and thought it didn't look good on me. 

Last week I had to go to a wedding though, and this color seemed like the most wedding appropriate color I had in my nail polish drawer. I put it on and soon realized what the fuss was about. Normally I don't like how my nails look. However, with this polish, I like how they look and I feel more pretty with this shade than with a typical classic red or a cute pink. 

The polish stayed on for five days. Then it started chipping lightly, but not heavily and I removed it. I love the application of Essie polishes, which is usually very effortless and smooth.

I got a lot of compliments whilst wearing Essie's Fiji. Even the bride seemed to regret her decision of nail varnish and wished she had been wearing Fiji on her nails.

I would describe this shade more as a very light cream color. It is definitely appropriate for every kind and shape of nail, which I find a rare trait for most polishes. Love, love, love.

What's your favorite Essie polish?


Monday, 17 June 2013

INGLOT in Belgium?

That's right, INGLOT Cosmetics is coming to Belgium! Can we pleaaase do a little happy dance? 

Image from MaisonPR

If you're reading this and you don't know INGLOT Cosmetics yet, you're definitely in for a treat. This beauty brand is right up there with brands like MAC, both in quality and price

The thing INGLOT is known for, is their Freedom System. With this system, you're entirely free to create your own eyeshadow, blush, powder, concealer or lipstick palettes. Also, the freedom palettes are magnetized and the lid of the palettes is matte but see-through. This makes it easy to know what product you're reaching for.

INGLOT was doing very well in the Netherlands and I was eagerly convincing my Dutch friends that we had to plan a trip to Amsterdam so I could take a look at the INGLOT store there. Luckily, a Belgian store will be opening in Antwerp, so the INGLOT store will be "just around the corner"!

It is still unknown when the store will be opened, but I can say that I'm VERY excited! If you won't be living close to the future Belgian store, you can find your way to the Benelux webshop that will be launched this summer!

The color pay-off of INGLOT products is exquisite and their color range is very extensive. I've finally got my hands on some INGLOT eyeshadows and I will definitely keep you up to date on how I'm experiencing the products. I'm also very curious about their blushes!

Have you ever tried products from INGLOT?


Thursday, 13 June 2013

PURPLE MASCARA: Bourjois Purple Mania

Brightly colored mascara's have been trending in the beauty world for a while now, but I had never tried one. With my sparse lashes, it somehow didn't seem like a trend that I would enjoy or be brave enough for to try.

However, the Bourjois Volume Glamour MAX Holidays in Purple Mania made me rethink that idea. I tried it and really loved the rather subtle pop of color. Also, it's less harsh than a black mascara, which is perfect for a summer look.

Bourjois claims the mascara should do the following things:

"Trendy colors and a maximal volume in a pocketsize, it's the new Bourjois Mascara for your holiday! Your lashes will stay perfect during the entire summer thanks to the waterproof formula, which makes it 10x as voluminous for 24 hours."

The mascara separates very nicely, but it doesn't thicken the lashes a lot. Again, this mascara is better for a more nude look with not too much going on, on the lids. I do like the application, the mascara doesn't clump on my lashes. It does look a bit spidery after more than two coats. The color isn't *WOW* bright, but if you'd be having a conversation with someone, they should notice your mascara is purple. The purple color really is very noticeable in natural (sun)light. The brush is nice, thick and easy to use.

The mascara comes in four different colors: Ultra Black, Electric Blue, Green Lagoon and Purple Mania. They retail for €7.99 in the Belgian drugstores.

Monday, 10 June 2013

SJP's own shoe collection?

Lots of us fashion lovers have been following Carrie in Sex & the city from the very beginning. Lots of us were very disappointed when it all ended after the second movie. The Carrie Diaries just wasn't the same as Sex & the city and so we were hungry for more Sarah Jessica Parker.

Good news then, for all the SJP-lovers: Sarah Jessica Parker is launching her own shoe line! That's right, you will be able to buy shoes made by the shoe addict that played Carrie in Sex & The City. Vogue announced that the actress will be working together with George Malkemus, the CEO of... Mahnolo Blahnik (!) to create her line. The line will be called "SJP" and will contain shoes, bags and some trenches and will be sold exclusively at Nordstrom in early 2014. The prices of the shoes will vary from $200 to $300.

Sarah Jessica Parker told Vogue:

“Because I got to play that role, I wore a lot of shoes, and by default I learned an enormous amount. It’s hard to”—no pun intended—“walk away from that.”
I'm so excited to see what Sarah Jessica will be creating. If I start saving for a pair right now, I might be able to buy a pair? ;)


Saturday, 8 June 2013

Obsessed: Lipsticks

Okay, I can already hear you think it: "She's obsessed again. How can someone be obsessed about something else every single month?" Well, I often ask myself the same question. They're just phases of wanting stuff that I sometimes give in to and sometimes I don't. Let's just say... I gave in to this one. I gave in big time. A little disclaimer - of course I didn't buy all of these at the same time :)

It all began with the Maybelline Colorsensational Vivids. The one color that especially caught my eye, was the Shocking Coral one. It was all over the beauty blogs and damn, did I want this baby. All the lipsticks I bought are pretty neutral, except for one, so I thought, it wouldn't be harmful if I bought one bright lipstick, right? Right.

I LOVE this lipstick so much. It feels creamy and it's so nicely pigmented. It's pretty bright (colorsensational vivids, duh!) and it stays on for quite a long time because it stains the lips quite a bit. It has a very lipstick-y smell, but it doesn't bother me. It could be bothering if you are sensitive to strong scents. This color is perfect for summer.

Phase two of the obsession: The Wet n Wild matte lipsticks, featured on FleurdeForce's vlog channel in the color Cherry Picking. After checking out the colors I decided Cherry Picking wouldn't look good on me at all and instead I opted for Rosebud and Just peachy, two amazingly pretty colors. 

 This first color, Just peachy, is the perfect nude. It's the first nude color that I've loved, since I'm more of a pink lip-girl.

Rosebud is a dusty rose color. This is more a lipstick for fall/autumn.

Both the matte lipsticks are quite drying, but they do stay on quite long. Because the packaging is kind of cheap, I almost broke one of the tubes, but I was able to fix it.

Knowing that I've never been able to try Milani and that I'd heard these lipsticks were amazing, I threw in a Color statement lipstick in Plumrose. It was just so pretty! I saw Emily Noel do a very positive review about them on her blog and damn, was I sold!


Plumrose is the perfect darker fall/autumn color. It's perfect for the vampy lip trend, only it's not that out there as most of these vampy lip colors. It applies creamy on the lips, but isn't a very long lasting color.

Then, last but not least, there's the Revlon Lustre lipstick in Coral Berry my sister-in-law bought me in the States. 

This lipstick is creamy and very nice on the lips. It doesn't stay on very long though. I do love the color, it's (as the name kind of implies) a Coral/orange color. 

Here are some swatches

From left to right: Wet n Wild Rosebud, Wet n Wild Just Peachy, Milani Plumrose, Revlon Coral Berry and Maybelline Vivid Shocking Coral.

From left to right: Wet n Wild Rosebud, Wet n Wild Just Peachy, Milani Plumrose, Revlon Coral Berry and Maybelline Vivid Shocking Coral.

FIVE new lipsticks. My lipstick collection has suddenly doubled in colors! But I spent so little money in comparison to European prices, that it's not a very bad thing for my bank account.

Would you like to see a review of one of these lipsticks?

Mascara review: Maybelline the Falsies

Here's another mascara review for you today! This mascara, the Maybelline the Falsies Volume Express, is probably my favorite mascara ever. Read on if you'd like to know why!

One of the main reasons why I love this mascara, is that it's so amazingly volumizing! Also, it doesn't clump, it holds a nice curl (even though I have pretty curly lashes anyway) and lengthens. It stays on all day and easy to take off at night. So in other words, this mascara does everything I want a mascara to do. Also, it's a drugstore one, which is always nice for our wallets. Am I not right, ladies and gents?

The mascara wand is just perfect to give me a nice curl! I believe it retails for €13.99 in Belgium. After I finish up my other mascaras, I will be repurchasing this one!

What mascara are you currently using?