Friday, 4 April 2014

SKINCARE: My 'interesting' experience with Eucerin

Today we're talking skincare. Back in October I started a whole new skincare routine for my combination skin, and it worked nicely. Only the scrub didn't quite meet my expectations and when it was empty in January, as many recommended, I tried out the Eucerin Dermo Purifyer scrub.

Now this is where it gets interesting. I used it about three times (over two weeks) and it stinged my skin quite heavily. A few days after I used it for the third time, I broke out horrendously, like I hadn't even experienced in puberty. 

WARNING: Some gross descriptions will be following now: My face was covered in thick bumps that hurt and were extremely visible *yay*. I couldn't cover them up with make-up anymore, and it got so far that even my mother-in-law was giving me skincare advice... 

Now, about two months later, I've seen a dermatologist and she says it was not only the scrub that did it, she said hormones (No, I'm not preggers) and stress had a lot to do with it. But this product did start it all, and only looking at this product already gives me chills!

Claims: Cleans clogged pores, improves the skin texture and reduces black spots and pimples. This formula will work where impurities erupt without drying out the skin. Pore-cleaning micro beads will gently remove dead skin without damaging. The skin is smoother, softer and visibly cleaner. 
Clinical studies prove: Excellent skin tolerance (I respectfully disagree!) and effectiveness on greasy problem skin.

Use: Softly massage into the skin and gently rinse. Avoid eye-contact. That's exactly what I did.

The scrub has a gel-like texture, with some small blue beads in it. It felt nice at first, but after a few second, it started stinging like nobodies business. I tried to use it on my hand, to see if it was an allergic reaction, but I only experienced the stinging on my face.

Price: Quite affordable for skincare: €10,35

Conclusion: I am never ever again trying out a scrub for combination skin. Sensitive skin is what I'll go for from now on! I'm hoping a new skincare routine more focused on sensitive skin will clear up the acne! Definitely to be continued...

xX Anine

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  1. Oh my god, wat een horroverhaal. Blij dat de dermatoloog je heeft kunnen verderhelpen!