Sunday, 9 November 2014

INTERIOR: First Apartment Pinspiration

Dear readers, I have a confession to make. Lately I've been guilty of cheating on makeup with interior. I know I know, it just happened... What is the cause of this deceit? After four years of whining about my intense wish to decorate my own first apartment, my boyfriend gave me the green light to start thinking about interior stuff for our future First Apartment together.

Him scoring his first job enabled me to start looking for interior inspiration and I wanted to share with you what we came up with together.

We are lucky to kind of have the same style of interior. We both like modern design, with a sniff of Scandinavian and Asian design and vintage pieces of decor here and there, as you can see below.

Check out my Pinterest account to see the image sources!


  1. Ik zie veel wit en daar hou ik van. Mooie inspiratiefoto's

  2. Mooie inspiratiefoto's! Ik hou ook enorm van die stijl, het is levendig maar brengt tegelijkertijd een soort rust met zich mee. Haha, nu klink ik tegenstrijdig ;)

    Marlies - Golden Mirrors & Pink Bows