Saturday, 3 January 2015

5 Beauty resolutions for 2015!

2015 is already here, can you believe it? Let's not ponder on how fast the year went by, but look back at what we learned beauty wise and what I'll try to be doing more/less in the new year. Let's kick some 2015 ass!

1. Wear more winged liner. 
YAY, I finally learned how to apply winged liquid liner with my deep-set, hooded eyes. It's quite a difficult eye shape to work with, but I found out that if I pull out the line even further and then wing it out just the slightest, it looks good. 

2. Keep dyeing my hair. 
I dyed my blonde hair in a light red color a few times this year (with a color shampoo), and have only received positive feedback about it. Even my parents, who are very hesitant when it comes to me coloring my hair, loved it. I am véry keen to try out some more colors this year!

3. Keep applying concealer the natural way. 
I'm not applying it the Kardashian way anymore - read: triangle shaped concealer to lift the eye. Instead I like to focus it on the inner eye corners, where most of the blue and greyness around the dark circles is situated. 

This way most of the dark circles are concealed and the rest of the concealer you have left on your fingers or brush, you can use to conceal around the middle and outer part of the eye. This doesn't highlight the bags under the eyes. 

4. Take better care of my skin. 
I have been taking more care of my skin this year by getting some products that I'd never used before such as night cream and eye cream. But in 2015, I want to push it even further and invest in better cleansing products (Maaaaybe a Clarisonic? HINT HINT WINK WINK) and try out a serum (I desperately want to try out the Vichy one). You only get one body and I want to try and take more care of it. 

5. Try out hairstyles. 
I never tend to do much with my hair, since I've always felt like my hair was quite unmanageable. This year I've found some cute, festive and easy hairstyles that I can't wait to share with you all! It'll be my mission to try more hairstyles.

I will be doing posts about some of these tips & tricks soon! Stay tuned!

What are your beauty resolutions for 2015?
I wish you all an amazing new year!!

xX Anine


  1. Sounds doable! Good luck :-) One of my beauty resolutions is probably not to try 'n pop pimples anymore... but it's sooo hard to resist.

  2. Hmmmmm ... Mijn beauty resolution is om éindelijk eens met eyeliner te leren werken. #mesoclumsy