Sunday, 18 January 2015

NEWS: Real Techniques in Belgium

Being the totally brainfarted person that I am during the exam period, I completely forgot to mention that right before christmas, I found out that Di, a Belgian beauty store, stocks Real Techniques now! I don't think I'm the only one doing a happy dance at this great news!

For you who don't know, Real Techniques is the amazing makeup brush brand by Samantha & Nic Chapman, the famous Youtube makeup artists also known as Pixiwoo.

I've been looking online and asking sales assistants for more information, but unfortunately nothing online could give away that Di actually sells Real Techniques.

I found out the news myself when I passed the Di store in the Shopping Center in Wijnegem, where the Real Techniques stand all of a sudden screamed out to me. The sales assistant told me that they stocked it since the beginning of December and normally they should be stocked in every large Di store.

So to all the Belgian beauty lovers, go check out your local Di store if they have Real Techniques! No more traveling to the United Kingdom for these amazing brushes.

An important note though: the new Bold Metals collection by Real Techniques is not YET available in these stores, only the base collection! I'll try to keep you updated when I find out more!

Lots of love,
xX Anine

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