Tuesday, 10 March 2015

SKINCARE: Battle of the Micellar Waters

Micellar waters, the true wonder child of skincare. For those who don't get skincare obsessed; micellar waters have been the big thing in the beauty world. The idea? A light liquid makeup remover that is powerful, but feels just like water and is perfect for sensitive skin.

I compared the three most popular, and easiest to get your hands on, miccelar waters. Read my review below!

Do keep in mind that these photos are taken quite a while back, and so I've tested out these products thoroughly and used up several of the products.

The first micellar water we're looking into is the L'Oréal Sublime Soft Micellar Water. It claims to

  • Clean the skin
  • Remove make-up
  • Tone and calm the skin
This 200 ml bottle comes in a handy packaging. It costs around 7 euros. 

Next up, it's the Garnier Micellar water. It claims to

  • Clean the skin
  • Remove make-up
  • Soften the skin
The 400ml bottle will also cost you around 7 euros. 

Lastly, there's the Bioderma H20 Solution Micellar Water. It claims to

  • Clean the skin
  • Remove make-up
  • Calm the skin
The 500ml bottle is pricier, you'll pay 18 euros for it. 

So, to sum up: all these micellar waters claim to do exactly the same. No surprises here. 

My opinion: my favorite is definitely the Bioderma Micellar Solution. It cleanses the best and takes the least of effort to take every bit of makeup off. The other two micellar waters however, are quite below the price point of Bioderma and so are excellent alternatives if you're looking to save a few bucks. Do keep in mind that you get less product for the price, this especially being the case with the L'Oréal water which it only contains 200ml. 

My biggest remarks: both of the cheaper alternatives clean less thoroughly, but the Garnier variant tends to kind of... slightly lather when I apply it. Which is obviously not a good thing, for a product that claims to be "just like water". It's not very remarkable, but worth mentioning. I do like it more than the L'Oreal one, just because of the price difference. And since I'm on kind of a budget cut, I will be repurchasing the Garnier micellar water!

Hope you enjoyed my short comparison, which one do you prefer?

xX Anine

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  1. Ik moet dringend die van Garnier eens gaan uitproberen