Monday, 28 May 2012


So, it's been a while. I've been terribly busy!

I have a lot of exciting news, but that's for later. First of all I'll share my newborn fantasies about eyeshadow palettes. Quite pathetic, I know. Not good for my wallet either.

I've been rediscovering MAC make-up. To clarify: I use MAC studio fix and kohl eyeliner every single day (and have been using for years - It's an addiction), but I've never really used their eyeshadows, just because they were too expensive and I didn't want to spend money on eyeshadows that would only stay on for an hour because of my hooded eyes.

But then... something changed. *dramatic music* My mom bought the Espresso MAC eyeshadow recently and because I was curious, I tried it. That day I had a job interview in the Netherlands and I left at 11AM and came back home at 10.30PM. I still was able to see the Espresso I applied while it was so terribly hot outside. I was ah-mazed!

I did some research on blogs and youtube. And that was the beginning of a newborn eyeshadow addiction. I also have been earning more money than when I started using MAC a few years ago. So I decided I would buy a 15x empty palette and one eyeshadow pan, one paint pot (to use as a primer) and one lipstick. I can't even tell you how much time I spent looking at colors on the website!

(I actually made a list with all the products I really want, whenever a friend comes over and is like 'I wanna buy you a present for christmas/your birthday and I just do not know what to buy you' I have an answer ready. It sounds really pathetic while I'm writing this down though.)

So... next week I'll be going to the MAC store and I'll buy the few things listed here above, I'll go to the Rituals store to buy some skincare products and some drugstore skincare products I want to buy as well. My credit card is already panicking.

But while researching all that make-up on youtube, I bumped upon the Urban decay naked2 palette. I've known about this brand and these palettes, but they don't sell these in Belgium and I've never ordered online before I started buying online since last month (such a life-enriching discovery!).
Now the beauty world of internet is wide-open and it's damn hard to resist.

The Urban Decay Naked and Naked2 palette both look really pretty and I secretly want one of them. But I don't feel comfortable spending that much money. MAC eyeshadows are probably more expensive, but you don't buy that much at once, you know. So I'll probably ask it for my birthday or christmas, not get it and forget about it. That would be the cheaper alternative. But even if I would get it, I wouldn't know which one to choose! The youtube gurus are all saying the same things. It's a difficult decision.

What do you think? Should I buy the Naked or Naked2 palette and why?

Kisses! Xx

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