Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Rituals haul!

Ever been to a rituals store? No? I suggest you do so. Because when you walk in, a weird thing happens. You forget the busy world around you and end up in a relaxing dreamworld of delicious scents and relaxation. I literally want to buy everything in that store.

I've already bought quite a lot of products, usually as a gift for friends or my mother. The bath oil and the massage oil smell so good. The hammam mud scrub is also amazing! My skin always tingles after I've used it and it feels so... clean!

But I wanted to try some new Rituals skincare products. I bought the brightening face exfoliator and the mild & refreshing facial tonic (both Lotus flower & Rice milk). They both smell and feel so good. And they're about both about 10 euros which is so cheap for such good products.

I'll use it for a while and let you know what I think of these products, but on first sight they're so worth it. They make me feel like I have my own little personal spa at home. I wanted to buy the night creme and eye serum as well, but they were a bit too expensive for me. I might just buy them in a few years when I'm making money or ask them for my birthday/christmas. I've already got this huge list of beauty items I want! So excited to try all of the Rituals products!

Have you ever tried the Rituals products? Which ones are your favorite?

Kisses! Xx

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