Monday, 17 June 2013

INGLOT in Belgium?

That's right, INGLOT Cosmetics is coming to Belgium! Can we pleaaase do a little happy dance? 

Image from MaisonPR

If you're reading this and you don't know INGLOT Cosmetics yet, you're definitely in for a treat. This beauty brand is right up there with brands like MAC, both in quality and price

The thing INGLOT is known for, is their Freedom System. With this system, you're entirely free to create your own eyeshadow, blush, powder, concealer or lipstick palettes. Also, the freedom palettes are magnetized and the lid of the palettes is matte but see-through. This makes it easy to know what product you're reaching for.

INGLOT was doing very well in the Netherlands and I was eagerly convincing my Dutch friends that we had to plan a trip to Amsterdam so I could take a look at the INGLOT store there. Luckily, a Belgian store will be opening in Antwerp, so the INGLOT store will be "just around the corner"!

It is still unknown when the store will be opened, but I can say that I'm VERY excited! If you won't be living close to the future Belgian store, you can find your way to the Benelux webshop that will be launched this summer!

The color pay-off of INGLOT products is exquisite and their color range is very extensive. I've finally got my hands on some INGLOT eyeshadows and I will definitely keep you up to date on how I'm experiencing the products. I'm also very curious about their blushes!

Have you ever tried products from INGLOT?



  1. Neeeeeeeeeeeeee net nu ik verhuisd ben naar Zwitserland, lol! Dit is echt erg :-( Wel goed voor jullie natuurlijk, hehe.

  2. O ja da suckt idd wel op dat moment :s gelukkig zijn er nog webshops? Als die shippen naar Zwitserland tenminste. Anders stuur ik je stiekem wel wat goodies op? haha :D

    Heb je veel makeup en beauty merken in Zwitserland?

  3. Ooh mooie foto's. Heb jij de producten al getest? Mooie producten he :-)

    1. Thanks! Ik heb de nagellak en het palletje al getest en ben echt onder de indruk :) of het mijn mac-liefde overtreft, kan ik nog niet voorspellen haha :D Wat vind jij ervan? Heb je al veel kunnen uittesten?