Thursday, 20 June 2013

Nail polish: Essie Fiji

What kind of beauty freak would I be if I hadn't tried the Fiji polish from Essie? I picked it up whilst being in England a few months ago. At my first try, I didn't understand what all the fuss was about. Everyone said it was a pale pink color, but I felt that it was just an off-white cream color and thought it didn't look good on me. 

Last week I had to go to a wedding though, and this color seemed like the most wedding appropriate color I had in my nail polish drawer. I put it on and soon realized what the fuss was about. Normally I don't like how my nails look. However, with this polish, I like how they look and I feel more pretty with this shade than with a typical classic red or a cute pink. 

The polish stayed on for five days. Then it started chipping lightly, but not heavily and I removed it. I love the application of Essie polishes, which is usually very effortless and smooth.

I got a lot of compliments whilst wearing Essie's Fiji. Even the bride seemed to regret her decision of nail varnish and wished she had been wearing Fiji on her nails.

I would describe this shade more as a very light cream color. It is definitely appropriate for every kind and shape of nail, which I find a rare trait for most polishes. Love, love, love.

What's your favorite Essie polish?



  1. It's not the most exciting shade out there, but it looks very classy :-)

    1. I know! I don't always like how exciting shades look on my nails, and this is subtle yet trendy and noticeable :)