Thursday, 13 June 2013

PURPLE MASCARA: Bourjois Purple Mania

Brightly colored mascara's have been trending in the beauty world for a while now, but I had never tried one. With my sparse lashes, it somehow didn't seem like a trend that I would enjoy or be brave enough for to try.

However, the Bourjois Volume Glamour MAX Holidays in Purple Mania made me rethink that idea. I tried it and really loved the rather subtle pop of color. Also, it's less harsh than a black mascara, which is perfect for a summer look.

Bourjois claims the mascara should do the following things:

"Trendy colors and a maximal volume in a pocketsize, it's the new Bourjois Mascara for your holiday! Your lashes will stay perfect during the entire summer thanks to the waterproof formula, which makes it 10x as voluminous for 24 hours."

The mascara separates very nicely, but it doesn't thicken the lashes a lot. Again, this mascara is better for a more nude look with not too much going on, on the lids. I do like the application, the mascara doesn't clump on my lashes. It does look a bit spidery after more than two coats. The color isn't *WOW* bright, but if you'd be having a conversation with someone, they should notice your mascara is purple. The purple color really is very noticeable in natural (sun)light. The brush is nice, thick and easy to use.

The mascara comes in four different colors: Ultra Black, Electric Blue, Green Lagoon and Purple Mania. They retail for €7.99 in the Belgian drugstores.


  1. I am not a big fan of colored mascara. I'll just take black :-)

  2. I'm not usually in for colored mascaras either, but I'm really enjoying this color for a fresh look. I normally go for black mascara as well ^^