Saturday, 8 June 2013

Obsessed: Lipsticks

Okay, I can already hear you think it: "She's obsessed again. How can someone be obsessed about something else every single month?" Well, I often ask myself the same question. They're just phases of wanting stuff that I sometimes give in to and sometimes I don't. Let's just say... I gave in to this one. I gave in big time. A little disclaimer - of course I didn't buy all of these at the same time :)

It all began with the Maybelline Colorsensational Vivids. The one color that especially caught my eye, was the Shocking Coral one. It was all over the beauty blogs and damn, did I want this baby. All the lipsticks I bought are pretty neutral, except for one, so I thought, it wouldn't be harmful if I bought one bright lipstick, right? Right.

I LOVE this lipstick so much. It feels creamy and it's so nicely pigmented. It's pretty bright (colorsensational vivids, duh!) and it stays on for quite a long time because it stains the lips quite a bit. It has a very lipstick-y smell, but it doesn't bother me. It could be bothering if you are sensitive to strong scents. This color is perfect for summer.

Phase two of the obsession: The Wet n Wild matte lipsticks, featured on FleurdeForce's vlog channel in the color Cherry Picking. After checking out the colors I decided Cherry Picking wouldn't look good on me at all and instead I opted for Rosebud and Just peachy, two amazingly pretty colors. 

 This first color, Just peachy, is the perfect nude. It's the first nude color that I've loved, since I'm more of a pink lip-girl.

Rosebud is a dusty rose color. This is more a lipstick for fall/autumn.

Both the matte lipsticks are quite drying, but they do stay on quite long. Because the packaging is kind of cheap, I almost broke one of the tubes, but I was able to fix it.

Knowing that I've never been able to try Milani and that I'd heard these lipsticks were amazing, I threw in a Color statement lipstick in Plumrose. It was just so pretty! I saw Emily Noel do a very positive review about them on her blog and damn, was I sold!


Plumrose is the perfect darker fall/autumn color. It's perfect for the vampy lip trend, only it's not that out there as most of these vampy lip colors. It applies creamy on the lips, but isn't a very long lasting color.

Then, last but not least, there's the Revlon Lustre lipstick in Coral Berry my sister-in-law bought me in the States. 

This lipstick is creamy and very nice on the lips. It doesn't stay on very long though. I do love the color, it's (as the name kind of implies) a Coral/orange color. 

Here are some swatches

From left to right: Wet n Wild Rosebud, Wet n Wild Just Peachy, Milani Plumrose, Revlon Coral Berry and Maybelline Vivid Shocking Coral.

From left to right: Wet n Wild Rosebud, Wet n Wild Just Peachy, Milani Plumrose, Revlon Coral Berry and Maybelline Vivid Shocking Coral.

FIVE new lipsticks. My lipstick collection has suddenly doubled in colors! But I spent so little money in comparison to European prices, that it's not a very bad thing for my bank account.

Would you like to see a review of one of these lipsticks?

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