Sunday, 6 October 2013

Empties #2

Let's get into this empties post! Find my last empties post here!

The first thing I used up was the Lush Avobath bath bomb. I really liked the moisturizing effect of it, but barely was able to smell it. Such a shame! 

This is the second bottle of Vichy Normaderm Miccelaire water I used up. I liked it, but I like Bioderma better!

This Syoss one minute repair mask has lasted me ages! No seriously, it took me more than a year to use this baby up. I used it after shampooing and conditioning and really loved it. I think I will be repurchasing this. It made my hair feel so soft and smooth without making it greasy easily or weigh it down, plus it really did need just one minute to work properly. 

I also used up this sample of the Rituals Himalaya Wisdom body scrub. I did not like this, it made my skin feel greasy. Also the grain in this scrub felt too big, too rough.

These two Fa deodorants also last me a pretty long time. I liked them enough, I'm not very picky when it comes to deodorant. 

Next: this L'Oréal cleansing milk. It took off my makeup nicely, but left my skin feeling a bit greasy. Will not repurchase (I know cleansing milks aren't great for combination skin but I like it a lot to take off my makeup).

Here is another Rituals product: the Sunrise scrub. I liked this product, the grain in the product wasn't too big and it moisturized my skin without making it greasy. The smell was nice.

Last but not least, these Garnier makeup cleansing wipes. Before these, I used the Simple ones and I liked the Simple ones so much better. These didn't seem to do anything for my skin, barely took off my makeup and still cost me 6 euros. Ridiculous!

I hope you liked this fast post,


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