Sunday, 20 October 2013

New skincare routine

I've never been the greatest skincare geek/lover/goddess, but since I've started my new job, I decided my teen years were officially over and it was time for me to embrace the fact that I needed to take more care of my skin (before it's too late?). 

A friend of mine has always been so much into skincare, that I took some of her advice and along with that, some of her skincare products. She uses them religiously and has flawless skin. We also have the exact same skin type so I set as a goal to never have pimples again and try to achieve a similar beautiful skin as my friend. 

This Vichy face wash is from the same Vichy Normaderm line as all my previous skincare items, and I really have been loving it. It cleans better than my Biotherm cleansing sample and leaves my skin feeling very fresh. 

I used to use La Roche-Posay products back in high school, so it was a trip down memory lane to pick up this Effaclar Mat moisturizer. So far so good. I've noticed that my skin is producing less oil.

I'm pretty scared to try this night cream from Vichy. Right now I'm still using up the night cream from the Vichy Normaderm line, even though I don't like it anymore. But this one has the word Aqua in it, which worries me... I hope I won't wake up shiny-faced every morning when I start using this *fingers crossed*.

I've been using this Lancôme Cleansing milk for a while now as well. It takes off my makeup very nicely, but does leave a greasy-looking residue on my face which I dislike. This means I'm still in the market for a cleansing milk. Anyone got any recommendations?

Of course, Bioderma Micellaire cleansing water. I've used up a tiny bottle of this before and really like that it takes off any residue of my Lancôme cleansing milk and any makeup that is left on my face.

I still have to try out this scrub as well, since I'm still using up my previous one - that I very much dislike, I'll fill you in later. Excited to use this!

I've been using my Tea Tree Toner water from Lush for almost a year now and still love it. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and hydrated without feeling oily!

This is my new skincare routine, which skincare products have you been trying out?


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