Monday, 17 February 2014

REVIEW: Konjac face sponge

Am I overreacting when I say this thing might be a Holy Grail skincare product for me? Maybe even better than the Clarisonic? I have your attention now, don't I? Let's get into this review.

I don't actually know if it is better than the Clarisonic or not, but the Konjac face sponge nevertheless works amazingly for me. I ordered it months ago, loved it and then lost it - yes, LOST it - somewhere. Since I reordered it I realized this was the first time I éver had found a product irreplaceable

But what is this weird sponge? Konjac skin cleansing sponges are:
- Eco friendly
- Vegan
- Cruelty free
- pH balanced
- 100% biodegradable
- 100% coloring free
- 100% natural 

These wonderful sponges are immensely popular in Korea and Japan, where the Konjac plant grows. This plant is a popular ingredient in health remedies. It is supposed to balance the acidity of your skin's impurities and oils. 

Konjac also produces body sponges and even sponges for babies! For cleansing the face they have different kinds of sponges:

- The original Konjac sponge
- Konjac sponge with Bamboo Charcoal for oily and acne-prone skin
- Konjac sponge with French red clay for dry and sensitive skin
- Konjac sponge with French green clay for normal to oily skin
- Konjac sponge with French pink clay for tired and devitalized skin

As you can tell I own the one with French green clay for normal to oily skin. I might try the Bamboo Charcoal one next time!

Use: The company claims it can perfectly cleanse of your makeup without additional cleansing products, but I still use it twice a day, WITH a cleanser. I run the sponge under lukewarm water, press most of the water out and then apply my cleansing product on the flat side. Then I make circular motions all over my face and neck with it. 

Then I rinse it again and make sure all the soap in the sponge is gone. As Konjac suggests, I then squeeze all the water out and let it dry in another room than the bathroom so it can dry properly. 

Konjac advises to repurchase your sponge after three months. I kept the first sponge for six months and it still looked perfect. After purchasing a new one, I did notice that it was way thicker than my last, apparently worn sponge.

Price: £7.99 on the Konjac webshop + shipping costs, I paid £1.5 to ship it from the UK to Belgium. A steal!

Conclusion: This is really a breakthrough in my skincare routine. I have been noticing clearer skin, smaller pores and less impurities. This sponge is a keeper!

Have you ever tried the Konjac sponges?

Xoxo Anine

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