Thursday, 8 May 2014

REVIEW: Catrice Liquid Metal eyeshadow in Mauves like Jagger

Hi everyone, 

As my sister-in-law very subtly said to me, the blog has been dead for a month, since life pretty much has been crazy, and it's time for some reanimation. I forced myself to write a review about a great drugstore product, the Catrice Liquid Metal eyeshadow in 080 Mauves like Jagger.

First of all, can we please appreciate the amazing name, the cute packaging and the stunning relief effect of the eyeshadow?

It should be an 'ultra smooth powder eyeshadow for a spectacular liquid metal effect.'

I would love to say that this sounds too good to be true, but their description actually isn't that far off at all. The product feels soft, buttery and is very pigmented. 

Here you can see the swatch. The color has a slight purplish sheen to it, but it's very subtle. On the eyes it looks beautiful, but be careful to not blend it up too high on the eyelid, you want to avoid the black-eye look. Perfect to create a very simple smokey eye.

Price: I paid €3.99 for 3g/0.10oz of product. Did anyone say 'affordable with a big A'?

Conclusion: The drugstore has once again proven that it is upping its game. It used to be impossible to find pigmented shadows in the drugstore, but this beauty definitely hits my mark. One big remark: this product line contains only very shimmery shadows. If I have to choose, I'd still prefer a high end single eyeshadow line, since they at least contain some matte eyeshadows and some more interesting shades.



  1. What an interesting shade. It's definitely unique.

  2. actrice heeft over het algemeen wel mooie kleurtjes in het assortiment vind ik!