Monday, 28 July 2014

Empties #5

My empties basket has been overflowing for a while, so that means it's time for an empties post! Can't wait to finally throw out all these items!

First of all, I used up two green tea sheet masks, one from Etude House and one from Missha. Both these brands are big Asian beauty brands. These were quite nice and felt refreshing on the skin, especially the Etude House one.

I actually haven't tried anything else from these brands, but definitely want to try more, especially the Asian BB creams are supposed to be amazing! It's not very easy to find these brands in Belgium or other European countries. I purchased these sheet masks via this webshop Koreacute. I actually met the owner of the webshop on Made In Asia 2014, a big annual convention in Brussels.

I've finished these two skincare items: the Lancôme soft cleansing milk and the La Roche Posay Mat moisturizer. I liked the Lancôme milk, it was very soft on the skin and got rid of makeup beautifully. I wouldn't repurchase because I like a cleansing miccelaire water so much more. 

The La Roche Posay moisturizer is perfect for combination/oily skin, and I will repurchase, but for now I'm still using an acne clearing moisturizer since my dermatologist made me... and she's scary!

Yes, another one of these... The Batiste dry shampoo in Tropical! I promise, I do actually wash my hair... That's the only downside for me: I finish these dry shampoo so fast, they don't seem to last me very long. The coconut smell of this Tropical one had me trippin' though, I didn't like it very much.

I really like these Simple cleansing wipes for any days that I wear loads of makeup and I want to get rid of most of it before deep cleansing or - don't kill me - when I've gone out and I'm so damn tired. But this happens rarely since I have the party life of a goldfish. Simple, if you're reading this, COME TO BELGIUM!! I always stock up on my wipes when I go to the UK.

I also finished these two sample sizes of the Chanel Perfection Lumière velvet foundation. I really liked it and would definitely purchase the full size when I finish my other foundations.

Another empty product is the Collection concealer (the writing's rubbed off). It was nice, and I finished most of it, but it was getting pretty old and was starting to look caky underneath my eyes so I decided to chuck it.

The Hema brow gel is gonna get thrown away as well, since it's gotten quite grosse and I wasn't really using it anymore. It did it job perfectly though and it's very affordable.

I finished the Smashbox Photofinish foundation primer in Light. No words for this item. It has changed the foundation game for me. My makeup lasts up to 10-12 hours, which is about 6-7 hours longer (!) than without a primer. Amazing.

Also, I emptied the NARS Smudgeproof eyeshadow base, which is quite as magical as the last item. I have very oily lids and this doesn't only make my eyeshadow last all day (and night) but also makes the colors so much intenser. A must-have for me.

Lastly I finished the Labello Fruity Smile chapstick. This lip balm is quite nice, it moisturizes your lips and gives a hint of color. One downside? I've noticed, after using it for years since I was teenager, that it kinda makes your lips addicted to it. It doesn't moisturize, it feels moisturizing and then makes your lips crave more Labello. It the end they're just as dry as before, so I'm not repurchasing anymore.

Have you tried any of these products?

Xx Anine


  1. Ik heb er zelf nog geen enkele van gebruikt!
    Die labello lijkt me wel fijn!

  2. Ik heb hier nog nooit iets van gebruikt, maar die reiningsmelk van Lancôme en de droogshampoo van Batiste spreken mij erg aan!

  3. Kheb dat nogal gehoord, dat er blijkbaar veel zouten in Labello zitten die je lippen net uitdrogen. Niet fijn. Maar leuke post! Ik heb altijd zin om die producten te kopen als ik dit lees :p