Thursday, 17 July 2014

HAIR: Red hurr don't curr

So, after being in doubt for weeks about what to do with my hair, I decided to opt for a light red color. I'd colored my hair to 'honey blond' twice before, but that really didn't make a huge difference. In the end 'copper blond' made the cut! 

WARNING: there's an overload of awkward selfies in this post. Please excuse this.

Here's a before and after of my hair! As you can tell, it's definitely not blond anymore (copper blond my ass). I have to say that I've completely fallen in love with this hair color! It looks a bit more orange on photo than it is in real life. It has quite a red undertone

I used the L'Oréal Casting crème gloss in 834 Toffeelicious copper blond. It's the kind of hair color that washes out. The color should completely fade after 28 washings. I love this hair color. It looks very natural in real life, it didn't seem to damage my hair at all and is very affordable. Plus, the shade makes me feel very badass. Not at all unimportant.

Here are some awkwardly posed selfies showing off the new hair. Enjoy?

PS: a post about this makeup look will be uploaded soon!

xx Anine


  1. oho mooie kleur Anine! staat je super goed :)

  2. ANINE DIT IS KEIMOOOOOI! Doet mij ook weer verlangen naar rosse lokken ;) Staat je echt heel goed!

  3. Well done for being brave and taking the plunge! The colour looks lovely on you and is very vibrant!

  4. You be rockin' that colour! Ik wou dat ik zo dapper was met mijn haar... :p

  5. heeel mooi , ik wil dit ook graag doen het lijkt me wel een beetje eng ,

  6. hello, great colour! now the big question for u, did it wash out? i wanna know for me :)) thx