Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Spring fashion haul: pastels!

Hey everyone!

Technically it's already spring, but here in Belgium, it's actually snowing. Yeah, you read it correctly. IT'S SNOWING! No wait, it's more like a blizzard... Now don't get me wrong, I love snow, but only when it's being accompanied by christmas songs, a warm fireplace and lots of turkey. But after New Year's Eve, snow is a forbidden form of precipitation in my book.

To try to forget about the snow, I did what every woman does when she feels down. I shopped. I shopped a lot. Spring seemed to be shouting at me and waiting around every corner to jump in front of me and scream "Hey you, buy me, you'll look great!" and I gave in like a purring kitty that just got a furry toy.

The first kind of fashion item that made me go berserk, were pastel colored items. Last year, I was convinced that this trend wouldn't suit me. But this year, I fell in love with the sweet colors that reminded me of macaroons, flowers and taking naps in meadows.

It started out with pants. I know, so innocent. I needed lots of pants, since I had thrown away all my bad pairs and was left with just one very nice pair of Levi's. One pair of pants? That's not livable! I entered the dressing room with a whole stack of pants, thinking I would be incredibly lucky to even find one pair that fitted me. As it turned out, almost every pair fitted me. I bought two pairs of jeggings, two pairs of normal jeans and then the pastel colored pants caught my eye. And I was in love. I bought three pairs, one in a coral-pink color, a sky-blue color and a mint green color. Take a look at these beautiful babies!

All three pairs are from Yessica (C&A). On the way to the cash register I fell in love with this light coral-pink scarf and in my happy buzz I just grabbed it and hopped to the queueing line without thinking about it. Afterwards, I purchased this mint green baggy top at H&M and I got this striped coral-pink knitted sweater at Primark a few months ago.

And last but not least there's this amazing clutch I got at Primark for just three pounds! I think every girl would agree with me that three pounds for this clutch is a STEAL!

What do you think? Are pastel colors the it-trend for this spring and summer? What trend do you prefer?


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