Monday, 9 June 2014

HAIR: Syoss Heat Protectant Spray

I don't talk hair products often, but I just couldn't not mention the Syoss Heat Protectant spray. I've finished over two bottles of this product, and have repurchased one (in the new packaging). But what is it that makes this product so special and unique?

Every time I wash my hair, I hàve to blow dry it. My hair is very thin, which means that if I let it air dry, I look like the girl from The Ring. Joking aside, this does mean that my hair can use some heat protection.

- My hair is less damaged
- My hair ends don't break anymore
- The spray adds amazing volume to my hair
- It has a handy spray packaging which disperses the product evenly over the hair
- It's cheap, it costs around €7

- The 'lock' that comes on the packaging when you purchase it, is hard to get off

As you can see, I got even more than I ask for from a hair protectant spray. I've heard people complain about the scent, but I don't mind or notice it at all. Love, love, love!

xX Anine


  1. Ik droog mijn haren écht bijna nooit, dus ik ga deze aan me voorbij laten gaan ;-).

  2. Ik gebruik hem ook, hij is heel fijn!