Friday, 6 June 2014

NAIL CARE: My two essentials

Lately I've been really trying to grow my nails longer and I'm actually quite successful, thanks to two simple nail care essentials.

Firstly, I never used to buff my nails with a nail buffer, but I've really noticed a difference in the wear time of nail polishes thanks to a nail buffer. A nail buffer basically has four sides to take care of your nails. With the four different sides you can even out your nails, mattify them, polish them up and lastly, make them shine. It creates a clean surface for your nail polish to go on top on. I just found a cheap nail buffer in a random shop and it works perfectly.

Another product that has made a big difference when it comes to nail care, is the Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as nails Nylon + Retinol strengthener (Sheesh, what a mouthful). You apply one to two layers before applying a basecoat and it makes your nails stronger. I've definitely noticed a difference, my nails don't rip or shred as easily. Thank you Sally Hansen!

Xx Anine


  1. My two absolute nail essentials would have to be my nail foundation from Butter London, and my long-lasting top coat from Estee Lauder.

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  3. That Sally Hansen product looks interesting! I have the top coat and I loooove it!!:)