Thursday, 2 October 2014

My MAC palette

Of all brands, MAC is probably the one that is pretty high up the list of best eyeshadows. People go crazy for them and they offer an insane amount of colors and finishes. Pre-made palettes aren't really a thing at MAC, instead you usually select shades individually or save up for a big palette. I decided a few years back on the latter.

If you take a look at my palette below, you'll see that it's not completely full yet. So yes, this is proof that I still show some form of resistance when it comes to makeup, right?

Stay tuned if you want to discover my MAC palette!

1. Blanc Type
This completely matte highlighting shade was a must in my palette. I never highlight under the eyebrows with a shimmery shade, it just looks wrong on me.

2. Omega
I just recently picked this shade up. It's great to fill in your eyebrows if you're a blondie like me. This matte powder creates a subtle, soft brow look.

3. Satin Taupe
Satin Taupe is a classic pick when it comes to MAC eyeshadows. It's the perfect mix of a shimmery grey, taupe, purple shade. Apply all over the lid for an apply-and-run-out-the-door look. Amazing.

4. Vanilla
This famous highlighting shade is similar to Blanc Type, only it contains some subtle shimmer. I like applying this over the lid with a matte brown in the crease to achieve an every day matte eye look.

5. Quarry
A taupe, cool brown matte shade. Perfect to combine with a very bronze all-over lid shade, since it tones down the bronziness.

1. All That Glitters
My first MAC shadow! Slightly pink hued, but nice all over lid shade.

2. Soft Brown (US only)
This matte shade is amazing and I'm currently obsessed with it. It's the ultimate crease shade, not too warm or too cool toned.

3. Expensive Pink
This shade is almost as sweet as candy (or it looks like that at least), but be careful while applying this baby, especially when the skin around your eyes is as thin as mine. These kind of shades can easily make you look very tired.

4. Woodwinked
Woodwinked is also one of the cult MAC eyeshadows. The same rules as with Expensive Pink apply here. The shade may look innocent in the tin, but it definitely is the bronze of all bronzes.

5. Swiss Chocolate
A very warm matte brown shade. Perfect for a brown smokey eye!

6. Orange
This matte shadow is the exception in my palette. I got it as a present, and I use it especially in the summertime when I'm feeling daring.

My palette might seem quite unused to you, but it just takes me ages to get to the pan of the tin (and I use eyeshadow every. single. day). As you can see, I still have some spots left in my palette. What MAC shades would you recommend? Which ones are your favorites?

xX Anine

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