Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Six Weeks Without Lipstick Challenge

It happened six weeks ago. I went to visit my doctor, who had told me that I had to follow a diet for medical reasons. Then she dropped a bomb on me like nothing else.

After mentioning that I couldn't eat any crisps, I couldn't eat normal bread, barely any fruit, no sauces, and so much more food restrictions, she hesitantly said: "Oh. And you're not allowed to wear any lipsticks or lip products for three weeks, maybe longer." I blinked. And laughed. "What? No lipstick? Forrealz?" She nodded.

This may seem very superficial to you, dear reader, but no one keeps my lipstick away from me. Makeup is my identity, makeup is who I want to be in the morning, makeup is the choice of the day: will I be a nonchalant looking student with a smoked out lash line, a young woman with a bright red lip or a bronzed up goddess (no giggles allowed)? Most of all, I love my makeup. One of my favorite moments of the day is putting on my makeup because I can translate my entire mood into my look and look so much fresher, more daring, and create any version of myself.

So, what to do about six weeks without lipstick? I've been quitting lipsticks for five weeks now, and am losing my mind... I kid. Jokes aside, I miss it, but I do have some tips and tricks to draw the focus away from the lips.

Trick #1:
Giant lashes and lots of liquid eyeliner.
I've been making my eyes seem rounder and more doll like thanks to lots of mascara and liquid liner around the outer corners and middle part of my lash line. A little matte shadow in the crease and bam, you're done! I like to overdo it just a smidge, to recreate the sixties vibe.

Trick #2:
Pinched cheeks.
The I-just-casually-walked-around-the-English-moors look. Red, flushed cheeks will give the illusion of an inner glow and healthy color on the cheeks from romantically walking out and about along the English countryside at the break of dawn. If only. Can I live in a Jane Austen novel, please?!

Trick #3:
Just bitten.
When all else fails: a traditional approach. Biting the lips to achieve the 'just kissed' look. Classic.

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