Saturday, 2 June 2012

THE BODY SHOP sneak peak

Hey guys! 

A while back my wonderful cousin gave me some 'The Body Shop' products! I haven't been using them a lot yet (except the body butter), but I'm going to from now on and I'll do a review about it in the future. 

But, to keep you interested, I will already do a mini-review about the body butter. I've used it often to soften skin areas, especially my feet. Is that weird? I have really oily skin and so I need to be careful about applying certain products or I look like I just ran twenty blocks... But my legs and especially feet (since I have a lot of feet and joint problems and aches) really feel better after massaging them a bit with the body butter. Of course since I apply it to the soles of my feet sometimes as well, to moisturize the spots that are painful or uneven, I can't walk around my house for a while. The floor would be covered in body butter footprints. 

So basically, I like this product, but only use it usually when I have the time to let it dry so it doesn't feel sticky. It smells really good as well, a bit like vanilla. 

I hope I got you excited for a decent Body Shop review! 
Byebye xX

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