Tuesday, 5 June 2012

It's MAC time!

MAC is one of these stores where you could live in. Where you can stay forever, without worrying what's going on in the outside world. Unfortunately you have to leave sometime, usually with that weird feeling of "Damn. I did spend quite a lot of money. *check wallet* Okay, way too much money." You just get swapped away so easily with that feeling that you really NEED that eyeshadow, or you really need that lipstick. So without further ado, I will show you my guilty pleasures I purchased last week, and I am loving them!

1. The MAC Oil Control Lotion:
I've got a very oily skin and I hate it. I have to reapply my make-up all the time and because my skin has turned all shiny, it usually looks really cakey. I saw some reviews of this product on youtube and decided to try it. From the first time you apply this product, you notice that it starts working. I use it as a moisturizer/daycream and especially apply it on the T-zone (usually the most oily zone on the face). My skin has been dryer since I started using it. Due to the exams I haven't been using it regularly, so I'll have to check if it works even better when I use it daily. All in all, LOVING and recommending this.

2. The MAC All that glitters! eyeshadow
3. The MAC 15x empty palette
My first MAC eyeshadow ever. I bought a 15x empty palette so that I can save up for the different eyeshadows. I decided to get All That Glitters! since everybody (like literally everybody) on Youtube recommended it as a first MAC eyeshadow. At the beginning I was a bit disappointed, because the color is exactly the same as my skin tone so basically, all I see when I apply it, are small glitters. But after applying other colors as crease and highlight color, it really pops and is nice, glamorous, yet subtle enough to wear daily. I usually apply it with Oh My Darling as a highlight color and Sorcery as a crease color (both from the MAC Devil May Dare mini-palette, that I'm reviewing some other time). What especially blew my mind, was that there wasn't any excess powder. I'm used to tapping it off and usually loads of product fall off. With MAC, that doesn't seem to be the case and I'm very happy with that. The colors of the eyeshadow stay on long, but I should get a primer or paint pot to apply before the eyeshadow, because it tends to blend a lot during the day. When I get home from school in the evenings, all has blended away and I am only able to see one color anymore. But remember: I have hooded eyes so that might totally be not the case when you use the product.

3. The MAC Studio Fix Powder in C4
I've been using this product for years as my everyday foundation/powder. Because that's basically what it is, a powder that seems to melt in a foundation when you apply it softly on your face. I apply it with the MAC 134 brush. This kind of foundation works good on oily skin in comparison with liquid foundation, which tends to get very cakey on oily skin. I wouldn't know what to do without this product, I bring it everywhere with me! 

So, this was my MAC haul + review, I hope you liked it! I will be reviewing the MAC Devil May Dare mini-palette in the future and I'm going to the MAC store this week (again! Hey don't judge me, I h├áve to go to buy a gift card for my mom's birthday!). I'll probably get a primer or a paint pot, don't quite know yet. I'll keep you guys posted!

Greets and kisses,

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