Saturday, 9 June 2012

New: Springfield cosmetics

The all-known brand Springfield has decided to expand to the cosmetics market with a brand new make-upline! Springfield is known as an affordable, down to earth brand with fun, young and colorful clothing. The new make-up line blends well into that Springfield profile, which seems a good thing to me. What immediately drew me to the Springfield cosmetic collection, is the packaging.

Yeah. These yummie desserts are àctually lipgloss or lipbalm jars. How cute is that? I'm thinking about getting the ice cream sundae lip balms just because of the packaging!

The Springfield cosmetic collection is allround affordable, you pay around seven euros for the lip glosses and the lipsticks and about five euros for the lip balms.

The colors are very cute and ideal for summer. They should really pop when you apply them.

I'm so excited about the cute packaging and since the price is comparable to drugstore make-up, I think I'm gonna try a product of this new make-up line. Usually I don't just go ahead and buy make-up without reading and watching loads of reviews about them, but I can't resist the packaging!
If you can't resist these fun colors either, go ahead and check out the Springfield website!

Kisses, xX

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