Saturday, 2 June 2012

Hong Kong deliveries

Hey guys!

Yesterday the two package I ordered from Hong Kong arrived! I had some problems with getting one of them, because the mailman delivered it to the wrong store. That was sort of annoying, but in the end so worth getting painful feet on heels that are too high for me!

I actually ordered a Totoro penholder (which I use as a make-upbrush holder) and four Bubbi brushes. You know, from Bubzbeauty on youtube? Be sure to check her videos out, she's so adorable! I learned from her that it's okay to behave cute when you're not really tall. I'm really small and I've always felt I needed to act tough to make up for my shortness. I hated to be called 'cute' and 'sweet'. But thanks to her, I realize that it's totally not bad to be small ànd cute!

Anyways, I ordered her brushes a while ago, since I don't have any decent eyeshadow brushes. And because they're not too expensive, are supposed to be of good quality and let's be honest: quite the collection item, I ordered them. To be clear: I didn't order the entire basic set. I felt like it was better for my wallet to only order the brushes I really needed.

I decided to buy the multi retractable brush, the dual eyes brush, the angled liner brush and the fluff brush. Those were the essential brushes I needed. I was surprised by how easy it was to order them. I got around five mails to keep me up to date about the order. It arrived about two weeks after I placed the order. Very neatly done. Good job Bubz!

Or should I say good job Tim, Bubz boyfriend, because he seems to be handling the orders. The funny (and kinda freakish) thing is that the sender address is on the package and I decided to keep the package. That way, when I'm ever in Hong Kong, I can secretly see what Bubbi's house looks like! And maybe wait 'til she comes out? Is that too stalkerish?

I was surprised by the quality of the brushes, especially when you keep the low price in mind. They're amazingly soft and apply product very well. I am advising users of the brushers to be careful when you load up your brush. Because the brushes take up a lot of product. You might end up with extremely clownish cheeks if you aren't careful. But I definitely recommend them! I love the packaging, the feeling of the brushes and the application.

I love the Totoro penholder as well, it's so soft and cute. And it fits perfectly in my room. I should stop buying plushies though. I'm almost 20, I guess I'm not supposed to be still buying them.

Click this link to see the video about Bubzbeauty's make-up brushes!

Bye guys!

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