Tuesday, 21 May 2013

First impression: Wet n Wild Eyeshadow palettes

The Wet n Wild Eyeshadow palettes are known very well in the online beauty community, since the quality and pigmentation of their eyeshadows are comparable to high end eyeshadows, but only cost a fraction of the price. And I'm not even exaggerating. Wet n Wild probably is the cheapest drugstore brand on the market.

Sadly, Wet n Wild is mostly sold in the US and it's pretty hard to get your hands on it outside the US. The ones you can get your hands on are usually six to nine times as expensive as they are in the States, which always was a reason for me not to buy anything from them. Finally I found a webshop that carried them at reasonable prices. I wanted to try Walking on Eggshells, since everyone raves about this neutral-colored palette. I also wanted Petal Pusher, because I've been wanting a palette with some purples for a long time. I had my eye on the Stila In The Moment Palette, but since the price of the Wet n Wild one is not even comparable to the Stila one, I finally gave in.

Walking on eggshells

Petal Pusher

The quality of these is great. The shadows are creamy, pigmented and easy to apply. I was scared they would be chalky but they're not at all! There's quite a lot of fall out from the colors, but I tap my brush a few times very well after dipping it in the pan and before applying it on my lid.

The packaging is not comparable to a Chanel one -obviously- but for the price, it's surprisingly good. It could break, but for a drugstore brand that is thàt cheap, it does the same job when it comes to packaging as Maybelline.

I love the colors and am going to have to hold myself back to purchase more! The color selection varies from natural colors to bright ones, so there's something for everyone. They also come out with amazing limited edition ones during the holidays. You're probably only able to get those in the States though.

You really can't complain about the prices. And it's not just the eyeshadow palettes that are great quality (for those few euros you need). Everything from Wet n Wild I found online that shipped to Belgium was below ten euros (which is an amazing price for make-up here).

I hope you enjoyed this small first impression! Have you already tried Wet n Wild products?

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