Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure 2013 collection

Recently, my eyes fell on a very interesting article that had found its way onto my computer screen. Sally Hansen is coming to Belgium! The polishes will be available at Planet Parfum. This higher-end nail polish brand is quite popular and so I couldn't wait to try them out.

I got my hands on these two colors. The first one is Jaded and this is a nice mint green color. The second color is Berry Important, which is (as you might guess) a nice, quite warm berry color.

I like these! They apply pretty easily and I prefer two coats, especially with the Jaded color. These polishes lasted me an entire week, which is the longest a nail polish has ever gone without chipping heavily or peeling off, I think.

I love the packaging. You got a lot of product for your price and it's pretty to look at (you all know you like that too, just admit it!). I like that the brush is wider than your average nail polish brush. It makes application easier. However, the two brushes were kind of flared out (by accident I presume) which made it a bit harder for me to apply the polishes. It still was quite easy to use though.

The polishes retail for 11.99 euros - 13.99 euros depending on where you buy them. I think that's a good price, considering you get a lot of product and they lasted me an entire week.

There are 10 polishes available for this Complete Salon Manicure collection. They're all beautiful colors, and you can also choose some darks.

Have you tried Sally Hansen polishes before?


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