Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Obsessed: Nail polish

In the month of March, we barely saw any sun in Belgium. While the American bloggers were bathing in their precious sunlight, it was either snowing or raining here. I was dying to get some spring feels, and so I wore a lot of new pastel colors on my nails. It was the only way for me to get some color into my look, because knitted pastel sweaters and cute floral skirts looked ridiculous amidst the snow.

I actually wanted some of the polishes from the L'Oreal spring collection, but since they're not being sold in Belgium, I tried to find some dupes. Two I actually found in their own range of polishes.

L'Oreal Marie Antoinette

I love this nude pinky/peach color, since it's subtle and yet so perfect for spring and it really brightens my mood.

L'Oreal Jade de Perle

This color is the perfect mint! (Don't mind the awful application, it was all my fault - applying polish while cooking is never a good idea)

I also purchased this for some nail 'art':

Matte top coat

For example, I used it here:

The L'Oreal polishes apply very easily, two coats suffice for me and it doesn't chip on me at all. I actually even find them comparable to Essie polishes when it comes to 'chipproofness' (is that even a word).

Another polish I've been loving was this color from Hema (a Dutch drugstore): This color is a bit more 'in your face', without thinking "Woooow girl, whatcha got on your nails?!"

They're the cheapest out there, and recently they really have been stepping up their game and adding some really nice colors! Application goes well, but chips easily. I don't think they even have names, these polishes.

The last polish I got for you, is this one from Pieces in Peach. My mom bought this for her last summer and didn't like it, so she gave it to me. I tried it recently and damn, I don't think any nail polish has lasted so long on me like this one! The color is a vibrant, not-yet-neon-but-still bright pink.

What spring colors have you been rocking lately?


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