Monday, 1 July 2013

Paris shopping list

Today, I’m leaving on a four-day trip to the amazing city that is Paris. For the last weeks I’ve been working to save up some sort of budget so I could at least make a few purchases whilst being in the city of blinding lights!

We all know Paris is known for its amazing farmacies. Apparently a world of magical skincare products unfolds when arriving in a Parisian farmacy. I also want to check out a Sephora and a Muji store where I might/maybe/kind of make some purchases *looks innocently*. Keep on reading to see what’s on my Paris Wishlist!

1. Bioderma H20 Solution Miccelaire -- 500 ml €8,75/500mlx2 €15,90
2. Muji 5 drawer box -- €30
3. MAC lipstick in Patisserie – €18.50
4. SMASHBOX Photo finish unificateur de teint l├ęger/face primer --12ml: €14,5/30ml: €31,5
5. Caudelie Beauty Elixer – (Don’t know the price in Paris, online it's 100ml/€33.65)
6. Urban Decay De-slick setting spray -- €24       

A short explanation why I chose these products: Basically I’m stocking up on Bioderma since Paris is the mothership of Bioderma and so it is much cheaper!

I have been wanting the 5 drawer set from Muji for a very long time but am still in doubt if I want to buy it or not... 

I can’t pick up Urban Decay or Smashbox in Belgium, except if it’s a webshop. It'll be nice to check these products out at Sephora Paris!

I would also like to try the Caudelie beauty elixer and I’m back-to-maccing my empty products and trading them for a free lip product, since we can’t back-to-mac in Belgium. I think I'm going to choose Patisserie since it’s a french name and I want to use it to remember this trip to Paris (I know, pretty childish right).

Have you tried any of these products? What products would you recommend I pick up from Paris?



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