Saturday, 13 July 2013

Personal: Graduating, Paris and internship

 This is the first personal update I’ve done on this blog. But since I’ve really loved blogging and taking care of this page, I thought it was about time I shared some personal stories.

The last weeks have been very exciting and busy for me. Two weeks ago I graduated from my college in Belgium. I received my diploma, that tiny piece of paper that cost me three years of blood, sweat and tears and over three years of worrying, studying and taking extra classes before that in high school. To be able to say that I’ve graduated and am ready to go to work, feels better than ever. Especially since I’ve worked so hard to get here and I was always the kind of girl that was made to write as a living.

I’ve only had one job interview so far (for an extremely cool job in the beauty blogging industry), but after calling and e-mailing thousands of times, I’m pretty convinced they’re not interested. Apparently I’m still to young to even be considered? I was pretty bummed out about that.

As you might have noticed, I also went on a trip to Paris with Mr Boyfriend. The trip was amazing and everything we’d been dreaming of. I’ll share some pictures at the end of this post.

Then I went to the Belgian seaside for a week with my family and now, the third week of july, I’m starting my internship. “Wait, didn’t I just read that you’ve graduated already??” Yup, that’s right. I decided I wouldn’t spend my summer lying in bed or partying, since I’m the kind that can’t sit still for too long. I’m having the amazing opportunity to do an internship at a fashion magazine instead! I’m already getting nervous, what should I wear??

Anyways, this was my short personal update. It’ll be a busy summer, but I’m so ready for it! I hope I will be able to maintain this blog as much as I can, since I have no idea how busy I will be with the internship.

Last but not least, you can enjoy these pictures from my trip to Paris!

With much love,

Dôme des invalides

Dior Couture show

Les invalides

 La Grand Palais

Pont Alexandre III

We put our lovelock on the bridge!

Mr Boyfriend throwing the key into the Seine

Breakfast at La Tour Eiffel

L'Oréal headquarters

Dior Miss Chérie

Carrousel at Montmartre

Me in front of the Notre Dame

Chanel jewelry at Place Vendôme

 Dior jewelry at Place Vendôme

Sniffing around Jo Malone


  1. Proficiat met je diploma! En job hunten? Ik ken er alles van... Al 6 maanden zoek ik hier dag in dag uit naar jobs, speur ik websites af naar job openings, dien ik applicaties in, en niks. Nooit gedacht dat het als buitenlander zo moeilijk zou zijn om hier werk te vinden. Ik dacht dat ik met mijn diploma hier binnen de paar weken wel iets zou hebben. Niet dus... Enfin, veel succes nog met je job hunt! X

    1. Ja 't is zuur hé, en ik ben nog maar een maandje bezig! Ik vind zo weinig dat wat in mijn richting ligt... Als ze journalisten nodig hebben is het altijd voor krantenwerk, niets anders. Ook als communicatieverantwoordelijke op copywriter is 't 'gene vette'. Ik heb zin om m'n boeltje te pakke en naar Engeland te verhuizen, waar het stikt van de jobs in de lifestyle media ;) Welk diploma heb je? Ik weet uberhaupt niet hoe het zit in Zwitserland met werkloosheid en jobkansen? Schiet de verhuis wat op? x