Tuesday, 30 July 2013

PRODUCT BATTLE: the search for the perfect nude

You can't imagine how long I've been searching for the perfect nude nail polish. Just recently I was able to try out two polishes that might live up to my overly high expectations of perfection. I'm talking about the 'Satin Corset' (I <3 the name) polish from Sephora and the 'Nude' polish from Pieces.

What do expect from this perfect polish, you might wonder? I only expect the perfect brown nude color. Never thought it could be quite the challenge!

- Quality
Let's talk opacity. Satin Corset from Sephora takes more layers to get an opaque finish. The Pieces polish only takes two layers. I do feel like the Sephora one stays on longer without chipping. The Pieces polish chips more easily, but applies easily.

- Color
The Sephora polish is more brown. Maybe a bit too brown, since it's so nude, it's barely noticable. It makes my nails even look a bit deadly. The Pieces one, unexpectedly came out more pink than brown. Fail! So, conclusion?

Neither of these polishes is actually the perfect nude I had been looking for. I'll have to continue my nail polish quest for the perfect nude!

Help me in my search and share what polish is your favorite nude color?


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  1. My favorite nude is probably O.P.I's Mimosas for Mr and Mrs :-) It's actually pink, and not nude, but it looks very natural.