Monday, 8 July 2013

Review: INGLOT Freedom System

As promised, I tried out this two-pan INGLOT Freedom System palette. Read my “INGLOT in Belgium?”-post to know more about the cosmetics brand INGLOT and its unique Freedom System!

These pans can be filled with full-size eyeshadows or with ‘rainbow’ shadows, which are three similar colors in one pan. I tried out two of the ‘rainbow’ pans. Here you can see the swatches.

I especially like the neutral colored one, since it can be used for a daytime or an evening look, and it’s so compact, handy and tiny! Perfect for travelling!

But what about the quality? INGLOT claims it’s up there with MAC cosmetics and so I was very eager to find out if that is true. I have to admit that my first impressions about these shadows are very positive. I will have to try them out more though to actually decide if they’re better than MAC!

They apply and blend very nice. The consistency is nice and buttery, but I don’t think it is as buttery as MAC. I haven’t been noticing any fallout though and I was able to very easily create this eye look:

The day after I created this more natural look:

In an eyeshadow palette with two eyeshadows you get 2.7 grams or 0.09 oz of product for €19. Overall, I really like these eyeshadows and am eager to try out some more!

Have you tried INGLOT products?



  1. Super handy this system. I like customizing my palettes. And I love Inglot :-)

    1. I actually don't have any usual (non-rainbow) shadows from Inglot. Are there certain colors you'd recommend? :)