Tuesday, 4 March 2014

NEWS: Superdry make up line

We all know Superdry from the comfortable sweat shirts and sporty clothing, but Superdry also has a beauty line, which they just expanded with some beautiful make up! 

As I saw the neon and metallic detailing, I couldn't help but think how simply FUN it looked. It reminds me of summer, beach waves and surf boards!

The thing that probably got me most excited, are these adorable nail polishes. They are perfect for spring and summer.

The beauty line also contains lip glazes that come in neutral and pink shades. 
For a statement lip look, these lipsticks would be perfect. They're supposed to be very smooth and light weight too!

This mascara wand has left me very interested. The shape is so weird, that I'm really curious how it would make my lashes look. The brush should extend and lengthen lashes to the maximum.

To complete the beauty line, Superdry also created eye shadows, blushes and bronzers, kohl eyeliners and a smoky eyes kit! Body care was not forgotten, as they even thought about hand creams, mirrors, tweezers and a nail care kit to finish up this cool collection.

I like it, it's very unique, vibrant and cute.

The prices range from £2 to £20, so very affordable. The entire Superdry beauty line is available in stores ├ánd online (http://www.superdry.be/be-nl/dames/beauty for the Belgian ladies)! 

Have you ever tried anything from Superdry beauty?

xx Anine


  1. I had never heard of this brand before! I will have to try them out :)


  2. I knew about the make up line but didn't know it evolved into nail polishes! They look very cool!


  3. Die verpakkingen alleen al. Ben heel benieuwd naar de kwaliteit van deze lijn!

  4. Superleuk dat ze make-up hebben :D x

  5. Oeh, me like de nagellakverpakkingen! Maar £2?? Lijkt mij straf, nu nog zien da t werkt, maar het mag alvast op mijn lijstje :p

  6. I think i like it zo'n leuke collectie zeg ik wist niet dat superdry make-up op de markt bracht , ben blij dat ik het weet =)

  7. Woah they rrreally did a good job with this line! That pink kabuki is just too cute, and I also love what they did with the lipsticks and the mascara.

  8. Die rode lippenstift wil ik zeker proberen, liefs