Monday, 19 August 2013

REVIEW: L'Oreal Sublime Bronze bronzing wipes

Last month, my mom recommended me the L'Oreal Bronzing wipes. Curious about the results, I tried them, expecting not much of an effect. They were just wipes, right?

They come in a pack of two wipes, so we both tried one. You can use the wipes on your face or your body. The wipes felt really nice and refreshing on the skin, and softly smelled like sun screen.

After using the bronzing wipes, my mom left to do errands and I had work to finish. 

A few hours later she arrived back home and when she passed my room, I mistook her for a beach babe! She looked incredibly tan, even after a few hours. I couldn’t believe it! Did a simple wipe do that? 

It didn't take long for me to notice that I looked just as tan. We were both amazed by the effect of the wipes.

After a closer look, however, we did find out that the color had streaked out on our skin. We had some white stripes on our shoulders and arms, probably from quickly wiping the bronzing wipes on our skin, not expecting it would do anything. 

After two days, the miracle was starting to fade from my skin and it went back to normal. This wipe would be perfect if you want to tan up for a special event.

Here you can clearly see the the color difference between untanned and tanned skin.

You definitely get a bronzing effect, there's no doubt about that. I only wish it lasted a bit longer than just 3-4 days. But they're so inexpensive, that it doesn't matter that much.

Have you ever tried bronzing your skin with wipes? What other weird bronzing products have you encountered?