Monday, 12 August 2013

Perfume collection

Today I want to share my perfume collection with all of you. I don't have an enormous amount of perfumes, but I surely do have enough. I mostly have light summer scents. Let's start off!

Disclaimer: I suck at describing scents.

My oldest perfume in the bunch is probably the 'Live' perfume by Jennifer Lopez in the far right corner. I always love the J.Lo perfume bottles! This one changes color when you move it around in different light and kind of has the shape a love potion bottle would have (and that's my imagination running away with me). It smells very floral and is not very heavy nor very light. A nice in between scent.

Another perfume that is a bit older (and also almost gone! *snifsnif*) is my Davidoff Cool Water for women. I'm really sad that this will be gone because it is the scent I always wore when I met my boyfriend. Every time I wear it again, he feels very nostalgic. That means I almost feel like repurchasing it just for him. I saw that there's a pink version out now? Maybe I'll have to go and take a look at that one.

The smell of Cool Water really reminds me of water and the ocean, for some reason. It's less of an elegant perfume, and more a sporty scent (if that makes sense). It's very light and has some citrus ingredients in it. 

The one on the left is a pretty special one. It's Londres by In Fine. In Fine is a brand that lets you do tests in shop and based on your personality, you get a scent. The bottles are all identical looking. This scent is very heavy and spicy and reminds me a lot of Chanel n°5. I only wear it for very fancy occasions.

The one in the far back is not really a perfume, but a body mist. It's the Secret Charm from Victoria's Secret. This is quite a recent purchase of mine. It's very light, very floral and gets a lot of use now because it's been very sunny here in the last couple of weeks.

Another very recent perfume of mine is the Versace Yellow Diamond. It smells very floral and has just a slight scent of candy in it. 

On the right you find my very much loved Daisy by Marc Jacobs. This I've had for about a year now, I've used a lot and the bottle is still so full, it seems to be an endless kind of product. This is very light and floral and perfect as an everyday perfume.

Last but not least my newest perfume, Me by Lanvin. This perfume I find very hard to describe. It's pretty floral, but not too much. It is more heavy than the other floral scents, but still not very heavy at all. 

I don't know how it is with you, but I've actually never purchased a perfume myself. I can't bring myself to spend money on it and I've always gotten them for christmas so I never had to buy them myself. I do love nice scents though and if I'd run out of perfume, of course I would buy one for myself.

What's your favorite perfume?



  1. Nice collection! I have an In Fine fragrance too :-) The one I ended up with after my session was Bruxelles Ma Belle.

  2. Nice! I really love the concept of the In Fine fragrances :)