Thursday, 8 August 2013

MASCARA REVIEW: Rimmel Scandaleyes

Here I am with another mascara review! It’s been my first time trying a Rimmel mascara and since it looked so amazingly volumizing, I wanted to try it.

This mascara volumizes and seperates quite well, but I still like to layer another mascara over it for lengthening and more seperating. However, I find it sometimes difficult to use because of the huge brush.

Yes, because of the huge brush! Seriously, how gi-normeous is this thing?? I had such a hard time not putting mascara on my eyelids because the brush is too big for my tiny, hooded eyes. Never thought I would ever bump upon a stupid issue like that!

 I don’t really dislike this mascara. It’s okay. It’s workable and looks nice when layered with a lengthening mascara. However it’s not jaw dropping. And I did notice I disliked it more and more once it got drier. I'm not repurchasing it.

Have you tried the Rimmel Scandaleyes?




  1. Hmm, sounds just so so. I haven't tried this one yet. I am a big fan of Smashbox mascara and Maybelline mascara.

  2. Its a shame this didn't work for you :( i was tempted to give it a go, but might try something else now x