Friday, 2 August 2013

ORGANISATION: Acrylic drawers

For a few months, I had been struggling with my daily makeup organisation. I kept a makeup bag on my desk, where I daily apply my products. But the makeup bag just wasn't working out for me, and I secretly wanted the Muji 5-drawer set *pause for light ascending from heaven and angelic singing*. This acrylic drawer system is every beauty bloggers achilles heel, and I found myself wanting to give in as well.

However, since this beauty blogging thing is just an expensive hobby, I wanted to choose a cheaper option. On Amazon I got the InterDesign clear drawers, that look suspiciously alike to the drawer set from the Container Store (which you can't get outside of the US).

I paid around €18, shipping included. If you compare this to the Muji 5-drawer set, it is a bargain! The Muji is just as big as this one, but has five drawers instead of three and costs €19, without shipping costs.

I was afraid the quality of these drawers wouldn't be as good as the Muji 5-drawer set, but I really can't complain. It is very sturdy and of decent quality, especially for it's low price range.

Conclusion: I love these drawers for storing my makeup. There's nothing much more to it. It makes me do a more minimal makeup application, it makes me use products I have to try out or products I have to use up and... it just looks so pretty!

You can find the drawers here!

How do you store your makeup?



  1. Heel handig! Ik organiseer ook alles in dozen :-)

  2. Ik heb net dezelfde, meegebracht van Amerika & vind hem ook perfect!
    Leuke blog xx

    1. Thanks! Ooo American goodies, klinkt goed!