Monday, 5 August 2013

INTERIOR: workspace wishlist

You know these Obsessive Compulsive Disorder people that plan out all the events in their entire life before it's even happening? Yup, I'm that kind of person. I like things clean, I like things organized and I like to think and dream about things I totally should not be worrying about yet.

Let me draw you a little picture here. I live at home, in a pretty standard sized room that I (thank God) have entirely for myself (and occasionally Mr Boyfriend). I don't have very little space, however every cranny of my room is filled with STUFF. Oh, stuff that I need by the way. Stuff that I bought for when I would be moving out, even though I... still live very much at home. With my parents. 

That's my eternal curse as an OCD planner; I plan out stuff, find great decoration, buy it, and have to stock it away since I don't have any more room in my chamber. About a year ago, I decided to forbid myself to buy any more room decor until I at least would actually be moving out. However, my decorating vibes are killing me, and I started dreaming about this perfect appartment...

One of the things I find most important in a beautiful appartment, is a well organized desk area. As a writer/journalist/blogger, the chances of my finishing work at home, are pretty big so I want my desk area to look impeccable. I started thinking about how I wanted it to look, and all of a sudden I had made this collage of my future dream desk space.

Don't blame me, blame OCD, it's a serious disease.


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  1. Looks really nice, I could see myself using a work space like that :-)