Monday, 27 January 2014

PINSPIRATION: the beauty corner

Hi all,

As some of you might know, I've been wanting to move in with my boyfriend for a long time, but financially we can't handly it yet. Ofcourse I'll get to spend a lot more time with him, but a nice perk will also be having more space for my make up, skincare and other beauty items.

Today I will be talking about my dream beauty setup I like to fantasize about. Not for makeup, but specifically skincare and luxury items. What would my bathroom counter look like? I went to look for inspiration on Pinterest and found these images that match with my idea of a perfect beauty corner. A girl can dream right?

Think flowers, soft towels and amazing scents!

You can find the source of these images on my Pinterest board Corner Of Heaven (just a 'minor' exaggeration - once a drama queen, always a drama queen). 

Xoxo Anine

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