Monday, 13 January 2014

REVIEW: Rimmel Exaggerate undercover shadow primer

What, a drugstore eye primer? You mean, I can find an eyeshadow primer that is as good as my NARS eyeshadow primer, but costs just a fraction of the price? You'll have to read on to find out!

All hail on deck, the eyeshadow primers seem to finally start hitting the drugstore shelves. Well, in the UK at least they have, since I still haven't seen any drugstore eyeshadow primers in the drugstores in Belgium. I picked up the Rimmel Exaggerate undercover shadow primer on my London trip at the local Boots counter. Well, what's it like??

Well first of all; what does it claim to do?

"Rimmel's unique primer to maximise the colour and wear of your eyeshadow! Makes color waterproof! Apply to lid, let try, apply eyeshadow colour."

Packaging: The packaging looks nice, sturdy, decent and qualitative. It wouldn't break easily. The product has a dope foot applicator, just like my NARS eyeshadow primer.

Quality: The product comes out very watery and colorless, similar to the NARS one, only a bit more fluid.

How does it do the job? After applying, it dries fast and easily. It might give the eyeshadow colors some extra pigmentation, but it is not very noticeable.

Already a few minutes after applying, my eyelids became greasy and my eyeshadows creased a few hours later. My liquid liner transferred immediately to my hooded eyelid and thus, I walked around with very indian warrior-esk stripes on my eyelids. Not really the look I was trying to achieve.

Conclusion: What a let down. I expected too much from this product, just because it seemed similar in packaging to the NARS eyeshadow primer. A real shame! I won't be repurchasing. Maybe if you don't have very oily lids though, this might work for you.

What is your favorite eyeshadow primer?



  1. Wat jammer! Ik gebruik een eyeshadow primer van BeYu, die werkt bij mij erg goed. x