Monday, 10 March 2014

REVIEW: Rituals Yin bed and body spray

One of the things I've wanted for a very long time, has been a bed spray. This Rituals Yin bed and body spray is perfect for spraying clean towels, bed linen, or simply yourself before you go to bed. I got this product as a gift a few months ago and use it weekly, and love it. 

On the packaging, the scent is described as organic white lotus and Yi Yi Ren. Since that doesn't really tell us anything, I can only say it smells very calming and it reminds me of the smell of clean linen, only this is a bit heavier. I do notice its relaxing effect but the scent doesn't bother me at all at night.

Claims: The product claims to improve calm sleeping behavior and meditation. It shouldn't stain and should be safe for your textile. It doesn't contain any alcohol.

Ingredients: See below.

Price: You get 50ml of product for €16.50, which I think is very affordable for such a nice product.

Conclusion: Obviously this product is not a must-have, but it's just that extra luxury item that can make your night even more relaxing.

Have you tried any body sprays before?

xX Anine

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  1. I have never had this cosmetic but I will :)
    Your blog is so cute! I love it :) So tell me what about follow each other? Let me know because I always follow back (>_♥)
    xoxo from Spain