Saturday, 8 March 2014

REVIEW: Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge

I've never been a sponge lover to apply my makeup, so I was kind of skeptical when I picked up the Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge on my trip to London. A product that claims to be a 'miracle sponge' already makes me roll my eyes and shrug, 'cause seriously, what so called 'miracle' product ever is a miracle product? 

I'd never tried the Beautyblender either, so I won't be able to compare.

The Real Techniques sponge isn't just the typical egg-shaped sponge all companies have been trying to copy from BeautyBlender, it has a flat edge to contour around the eyes and nose, the sides should be perfect so blend large areas on the face and the pointy tip should be used (with concealer) to cover imperfections.

Use: First of all, when using the sponge, I wet it thoroughly under running water, squeeze it tight and the sponge will double up in size and become less dense. I usually dry it with a towel, so it's not soaking wet. After the sponge is damp, I dab it in the foundation on the back of my hand and apply it all over my face with the flat side. After all my foundation is applied, I go over every corner on my face to blend it out nicely. Then I use the pointy tip of the miracle complexion sponge to blend out my already applied concealer and the foundation around my nose

I know it is recommended to use the sponge differently (as seen on the packaging), but this way simply works best for me personally.

Quality: The miracle complexion sponge applies your foundation evenly over the face. I've heard other bloggers talk about a 'flawless finish', but I wouldn't call it that. It is applied more even, more beautiful, more natural than with a brush. However I don't feel like there's a difference in coverage when applying it with a sponge instead of a normal flat top foundation brush.

Above: the sponge is dry
Underneath: the sponge is damp

Price: $6 on the Real Techniques website, I believe I paid around £6 for it in Boots. I find it such a bargain, especially in comparison with the BeautyBlender which is around €20. 

Conclusion: It really took me some time to get used to it. In the beginning, I didn't really like it. It seemed my brushes simply gave better coverage and control. Then I used it more, and liked it, but thought it took me longer to blend everything in comparison to brush application. 

After using it for several weeks, I now use it every. single. day to apply my foundation. I love the seamless application it provides, I love the easiness and naturalness (is that word?) of it too. 

Can't live without this sponge anymore! I'm happy to finally have jumped on the sponge bandwagon!

Have you ever tried any foundation sponges?

Xx Anine


  1. Sounds great! I love using sponges! They give such a natural finish.

    Ray | Obey Ray

  2. I've been hooked on my beauty blender ever since I got it two years ago! I'd like to give the RT version a try too though, just to compare.